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How to lower SMS costs

Choosing the right SMS messaging platform isn’t just about what’s convenient; it’s about your budget too. This article breaks down why going for hardware SMS gateways is a wise financial move compared to the online choices as well as a few good practices.

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SMSEagle 6.0 release on May 28th

In the latest update 6.0 of the SMSEagle system, we have introduced enhancements and new features that expand the capabilities of our platform. The goal of these changes is not only to increase the functionality of the system but also to adapt it to the growing needs of users.

10 most important SMS Usage Statistics 2023

SMS continues to show its dominance as a powerful tool for businesses worldwide. As we get into the statistics surrounding SMS usage in 2023, it becomes clear that using this medium is crucial. It is essential for businesses as they aim to improve communication and engage customers.

SMSEagle at Dell Technologies Forum 2023

In November 2023, Prague hosted the Dell Technologies Forum, a dynamic gathering of tech enthusiasts. Special thanks go to our valued partner ITAWACS, whose contribution allowed SMSEagle to actively participate in this thrilling event.

SMSEagle’s Rebranding: a fresh look, same quality.

We are delighted to share some thrilling news that marks a significant milestone in our journey at SMSEagle – our brand is undergoing an exciting transformation! As we relentlessly pursue growth and innovation, we are proud to introduce our refreshed brand identity,

NXS-97xx hardware Rev.2 Support End of Life (EOL)

We would like to inform you that effective January 1st, 2026 we will permanently discontinue support of NXS-9700 hardware Rev.2 and NXS-9750 hardware Rev.2 devices. After the date, those hardware models will be officially no longer supported via our Support Center and software updates will be no longer released.

What is Flash SMS? How Does It Compare to Push Notifications?

Discover the world of Flash SMS and its comparison to Push Notifications in our latest blog! Unveil the instant messaging power of Flash SMS, its unique features, and benefits. Explore how it stands against Push Notifications, examining effectiveness, user engagement, and use cases.

SMS Usage Statistics 2022

This article discusses the evolution of SMS as a communications tool, its adoption across the globe and its key use cases. The article also explores its key advantages compared to alternative channels and how it enables highly personalized and targeted communications for enterprises and brands.

How to Setup Status Alerts for UPS Device

Today, reliable power supply is a key element in ensuring the continuity of operation of many devices. Without uninterrupted power supply, many companies, institutions, and private users would not be able to function. Therefore, more and more people decide to purchase a device that will provide them with uninterrupted power – Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS.

10 Years of Memories: Celebrating a Decade of Triumphs, Challenges and Growth

Ten years ago, a small company was born in an old building on Zwierzyniecka 20 street. Little did we know, that it would grow to become a world leader in hardware SMS gateways. Today, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of SMSEagle! This article describes some of our memories and achievements when celebrating this milestone.

SMSEagle Anniversary Promotion

In honor of our 10-year anniversary, we would like to take a moment to THANK YOU ALL for your continued support. It has been an incredible 10 years! Without you, we would not be where we are today.
As a thank you, we have a couple special promotions available so that you can celebrate with us!

Improve Healthcare Communications with SMS Solutions for Hospitals & Clinics

This article discusses the use of SMSEagle SMS Gateway as affordable and reliable medium of communications between doctors, patients and other healthcare workers, including a solution for missed appointments, increasing patient satisfaction, improving healthcare delivery, and identifying quantifiable cost-savings across healthcare.

Order Management Systems: Adding SMS to the Cart

This article discusses how SMSEagle SMS Gateway can be integrated into e-commerce systems to improve customer communications and reducing the risks of dispute, missed deliveries and non-payment

Acing School Communications with SMS

This article discusses how SMSEagle SMS Gateway can be used to establish reliable means of communications between schools, parents and students. It looks at various one-to-one and broadcast use cases covering routine and emergency communications.

SMSEagle NXS-9700-4G & NXS-9750-4G Receive PTCRB Approval and AT&T Certification

„PTCRB defines the test requirements to verify compliance with global industry standards for wireless cellular devices. Member operators are committed to ensuring device quality through a rigorous certification process. The PTCRB certification program provides confidence that devices conform with global standards and perform optimally on mobile wireless networks.” (source: PTCRB website)

Powering Public Sector Communications with SMS

This article discusses the use of secure SMS-based communications solutions such as the SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway for routine, strategic and critical communications in the public sector, especially in connecting government employees and delivering real-time updates and instructions.

Expanding Customer Reach and Engagement via SMS Marketing

This article discusses how enterprises can leverage SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway to run successful marketing and outreach campaigns. It assesses how SMS marketing drives customer reach, engagement and retention, while boosting enterprise sales, revenue and saving money on marketing efforts.

SMSEagle at stackconf conference 2022

stackconf is about open source infrastructure in the spectrum of CI/CD, container, hybrid
and cloud solutions. Today businesses have to meet the challenging requirements of an
accelerated digital age, with virtual infrastructures and multi-channel platforms as the new

Notification of Legal Entity Changes

Dear Valued Customers & Suppliers, We are excited to share important news regarding the evolution of our company and how this change will impact you.

Daily SMS Mobile Usage Statistics 2021

With the growing popularity of communicative services like social media, FaceTime, and now VR, it is perhaps surprising to see that the numbers tell a

Enable IoT with SMS

According to Statista, the number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices connected worldwide will jump to 30.9 billion units by 2025—significantly more than the 13.8
Are you ready for the “new normal”?

Are you ready for the “new normal”?

As governments issued stay-at-home orders and non-essential services closed their doors, the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses and institutions around the world to adjust to what

Two-way SMS communications

Are you connecting via your customers’ preferred channel? Skip phone calls and emails and start texting. Here’s why. With an open rate almost five times

SMSEagle in DELL Lego Factory project

DELL Lego Factory project is a project developed by DELL Czech Republic together with ITAwacs (SMSEagle Sales Partner in Czech Republic). It is built from

Are you on a mission? We’d like to help!

There are heroes who make Real Work happen while battling to eradicate hunger and poverty, helping children finish school, rescuing animals, preserving jungles. Maybe they

New 8 modem MHD-8100 line devices

The MHD-8100 product line comes from the many inquiries that we receive from our clients about their need for a higher throughput device. The device

How to increase your SMS open rate

With business competition so high these days, companies today must be aggressive in the marketing of their products and services. This means utilizing a variety

SMSEagle is exhibiting at GITEX2019

GITEX is the biggest tech show in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA). The weeklong exhibition is the ultimate place to target

SMSEagle at IT AWACS Cup 2017

On 14-09-17 SMSEagle has made an appearance in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic. Thanks to IT AWACS, our sales partner, SMSEagle has been a part

SMSEagle is exhibiting at Ineltec 2017

Ineltec is a Swiss trade fair that has been supporting the electrical engineering and building automation industry for 50 years. In recent years, building automation

SMSEagle is exhibiting at CeBIT 2017

We are excited to announce that SMSEagle will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2017. CeBIT is the largest and most internationally represented computer expo. The trade

Daily SMS Mobile Usage Statistics

It’s official—mobile use is now prevalent throughout internet users and businesses. Most people would respond to this statement with, “I could’ve told you that,” but

SMSEagle NPE-9300-GSM/3G End of Life (EOL)

Dear Valued Customers, We would like to inform you that effective March 1st, 2017 we will permanently discontinue sales of SMSEagle NPE-9300-GSM/3G devices. After the

SMSEagle Sponsors Young Driving Talent

SMSEagle is excited to announce our sponsorship of winning kart driver of the Moravian cup, youth: Vojtěch Birgus. Together with our local Czech Partner IT-Awacs,

New SMSEagle NXS-9750-3G

SMSEagle steps it up with new dual modem hardware SMS gateway. Poznań, Poland, March 8 2016 – SMSEagle announces the new version of hardware SMS

New SMSEagle NXS-9700-3G

SMSEagle launches new product to start 2016. Poznań, Poland, 12.01.2016 – SMSEagle announces the new version of hardware SMS gateway, the NXS 9700-3G. The new

Monitoring Switches in Data Centers

MONITORING NETWORK SWITCHES IN DATA CENTERS Network availability and performance are critical parameters in determining the proper operation of LAN, MAN or WAN. Malfunctions in

gsm gateway

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