The LDAP plugin allows to access Active Directory (hereinafter referred to as “AD”) to read contacts and groups in SMSEagle Web-GUI.


Plugin configuration

Choose “LDAP” from left side menu in SMSEagle Web-GUI to access plugin configuration. After enabling the plugin, user needs to fill in all requested fields according to AD settings.

In the “AD phone attribute” field user needs to choose which phone attribute from AD will be shown in SMSEagle Web-GUI.

Screenshot from “LDAP settings” window

Click “Save” and “Test connection” to make sure that SMSEagle is connected with AD server.

Screenshot showing successful connection to AD server.


With connection established, AD contacts/groups suggestions are shown in Menu>Compose of Web-GUI. Start typing any part of contact/group name or number to show AD contact suggestions.

Type “LDAP” (case sensitive) to check all contacts listed in AD directory.

Screenshot from “Compose” module with LDAP connection enabled

LDAP directory suggestions can be used in “Compose”, “Autoreply” and “Digital input/output” modules.

For more details about this function, please check the User’s Manual on our Downloads page.