Software Updates

SMSEagle software is under process of continual improvement. We listen to our customers, and new releases are based on our customer’s inputs/requests. If you would like to share your improvement idea for SMSEagle just post it on our feedback forum.

Access to software upgrades for SMSEagle device is free within warranty period. We remind you that since software version 3.2 you can perform update via Web-GUI. If you would like to perform software update on your device, please open your Web-GUI > Settings > Updates > “Check for software update now”. To receive an update of a software version < 3.2 please use our Support Center.

Below we publish release history of SMSEagle software. If you would like to be automatically informed on future software releases like us on FB profile.

Release history

Version 4.1 (Released 08.06.2021)

  • All devices:
    1. web-gui: added new priority message type in Compose window
    2. web-gui: added option to enable/disable SNMP
    3. web-gui: added option to limit Inbox visibility to user assigned modems only (multimodem devices)
    4. web-gui: added additional modem/SIM status information in Sysinfo
    5. Email To SMS: added feature to convert emails to SMS using LDAP phonebook
    6. Autoreply: added option to choose modem in rules (multimodem devices)
    7. DI/DO: added optional timeout for digital input rules
    8. Blacklist plugin: optimized plugin performance
    9. web-gui: fixed bug with importing CSV file in compose window
    10. web-gui: fixed modem failover related issue
    11. web-gui: fixed bug with default password change in user settings
    12. web-gui: fixed conversation count for users with modem limit
    13. SMS To Email: fixed bug with updating sender
    14. SMS To Email: fixed bug with saving fixed/last sender forward type
    15. Callback URL: updated url validation to allow local addresses
    16. JSON-RPC: fixed bug with test parameter
    17. Periodic SMS: fixed bug with empty select option on new rule
    18. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: fixed modem_no parameter in read_sms
    19. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: fixed bug with counting messages in trash for get_inbox_length method
    20. modem failover: improved algorithm of modem switching when some modems are disabled
    21. modem watchdog: improved handling of modem disconnected states
    22. modem watchdog: improved handling of Failover cluster
    23. modem software: improved handling of CDMA (Verizon) incoming multipart SMS
    24. modem software: improved handling of modem timeouts (4G modems only)
    25. modem software: improved handling of unsolicited networkinfo messages
    26. modem software: fixed bug with saving of long cellular network names
  • NXS-97xx-3G only:
    1. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: addded methods to manage Call forwarding

Version 4.01 (Released 27.01.2021)

    • All devices:
      1.  web-gui: fixed bug with reset password link
      2. MMS: fixed bug with sending MMS that contains apostrophe character
      3. web-gui: fixed bug with “Select all” button behaviour in menu Folders
      4. web-gui: added “Refresh” button in Phonebook
      5. JSON-RPC: added validation for “content” variable in “attachment” parameter
      6. JSON-RPC: fixed bug with “test” parameter
      7. SMS To Email: fixed bug with update of “sender” in Settings

Version 4.0 (Released 20.01.2021)

  • All devices:
    1. web-gui: added MMS support
    2. Email2SMS: added MMS support
    3. Email2SMS Poller: added MMS support
    4. SMS2Email: added MMS support
    5. SMS Forward: added MMS support
    6. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: added MMS support
    7. Network Monitor: added SNMP Traps feature
    8. Email2SMS: added possibility to add multiple processing rules
    9. Email2SMS Poller: added possibility to add multiple processing rules
    10. SMS2Email: added possibility to add multiple processing rules
    11. Blacklist: added a stop keyword definition
    12. web-gui: in multimodem devices User may be restricted to a selected modem
    13. web-gui: Settings – added a possibility to enable data connection on a SIM card
    14. web-gui: Settings – added a possibility to edit SNMP community
    15. web-gui: Phonebook – added a possibility to define group for a contact during CSV import
    16. Callback URL: in multimodem devices possibility to define incoming modem in rule definition
    17. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: added test parameter that allows to test API methods without sending SMS
    18. Reporting Module: fixed bug with timeout for large reports (4000+ messages)
    19. Reporting Module: fixed bug where one user could see messages created by other user
    20. Periodic SMS: fixed bug with double message when editing USSD messages
    21. Network Monitor: fixed bug with fetching SNMP value as string
    22. web-gui: improved session cleanup mechanism
    23. updated jQuery libraries
    24. improved modem software
    25. added Verizon scripts
    26. several minor improvements in system scripts
  • NXS-97xx-4G only:
    1. updated modem firmware to support MMS features
  • NXS-97xx-3G & MHD-8100 only:
    1. web-gui: Settings – added a possibility to manage forwarding of incoming calls

Version 3.51 (Released 28.07.2020)

  • All devices:
    1. web-gui: added Spanish & French language
    2. web-gui: added possibility to edit API access tokens
    3. web-gui: extended phone number length in User parameters
    4. web-gui: improved performance in case of large number of unread inbox messages
    5. web-gui: Failover > enabled DB Replication limits external database access only to HA-nodes
    6. web-gui: fixed bug with saving some passwords with percent sign
    7. web-gui: fixed database error in menu Folders with large pagination settings
    8. web-gui: fixed visible unread count when there is no unread messages
    9. LDAP: allow case-insensitive searches in LDAP
    10. LDAP: fixed bug with broken search on some AD trees
    11. Email2SMS: added API access token as authentication method
    12. SMS2Email: fixed error caused by wrong mail credentials
    13. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: fixed database error with methods related to phonebook
    14. Modem failover: improved mechanism for devices with more than 2 modems
  • NPE family only:
    1. Network Monitor: fixed issue with refreshing monitoring period

Version 3.5 (Released 09.03.2020)

  • All devices:
    1. new Blacklist feature
    2. web-gui: Compose new parameters which allows to restrict sending SMS only between specified hours
    3. web-gui: Phonebook contact can be assigned to a selected modem for sending messages (multimodem devices)
    4. web-gui: allowed to add phonebook contacts with text as a phone number
    5. web-gui: added a stronger password policy for users
    6. web-gui: added notification area in Dashboard
    7. web-gui: added a control to enable/disable database access for external applications (by default external database access is now disabled)
    8. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: added a new API authentication method access token
    9. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: added modem_no parameter for read_sms method
    10. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: added new parameters send_before, send_after in methods send_sms, send_tocontact, send_togroup
    11. Callback URL: disabled option to send callback to localhost (to prevent SSRF)
    12. Email2SMS: updated library for email parsing
    13. SMS2Email/Email2SMS Poller: updated PHPMailer library
    14. Email2SMS Poller: fixed log information when mailbox settings was wrong
    15. SMS Forward: fixed bug with too short character limit on rule columns
    16. SMS Forward: fixed bug with using public contacts
    17. Reporting Module: added filter for HTML code in PDF reports
    18. Reporting Module: fixed wrong error message when no messages match criteria
    19. Reporting Module: updated TCPDF library
    20. web-gui: fixed bug with pagination in conversation view
    21. web-gui: fixed bug with data validation in date/time settings
    22. web-gui: prevented injecting scripts/HTML in reports view
    23. web-gui: fixed bug which allowed to download/upload application backup by a normal user
    24. web-gui: prevented browser from using stored password in password change form
    25. web-gui: replaced database errors with encrypted message
    26. web-gui: added additional input filters for shell scripts
    27. web-gui: added input filters to prevent HTML injection
    28. web-gui: added CSRF protection for Ajax calls
    29. web-gui: fixed bug with BR tag in a resent message
    30. web-gui: fixed country code settings for users other than admin
    31. SNMP: limited output of system config data in public community
    32. updated application framework
    33. updated default self-signed SSL certificate
  • NXS family only:
    1. LDAP: added LDAPS support
    2. added additional security repositories for apt
    3. updated system packages
  • NPE family only:
    1. web-gui: fixed bug with empty device type in sysinfo
    2. web-gui: fixed bug with wrong modem type in sysinfo

Version 3.41 (Released 16.09.2019)

  • All devices:
    1. Periodic SMS: added option to send messages with Unicode encoding
    2. Network Monitor: fixed bug with offline task status when SNMP value is equal to 0
    3. Network Monitor: added triggered flag to SNMP tasks to avoid sending multiple alerts
    4. Network Monitor: removed SNMP alert interval
    5. HTTP API / JSON RPC: fixed bug with modem_no set as required parameter in get_gsmsignal
    6. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: fixed bug with public parameter in contact_create method
    7. SMS2Email: fixed bug with empty port in settings form
    8. web-gui: added radio module type (3G/4G) in displayed model name
    9. web-gui: removed information about required device reboot when loopsleep settings has not been changed
    10. web-gui: fixed display bug in sysinfo
    11. web-gui: fixed bug with empty search results
    12. web-gui: fixed bug with corrupted captcha image
    13. web-gui: fixed bug with deleting huge conversations
    14. improved script for modem watchdog
  • NXS family only:
    1. Network Monitor: updated plugin to run tasks in parallel mode
    2. fixed timezone offset interpretation when system time was synchronized based on cellular network time
    3. fixed OS port mappings for 4G modem

Version 3.4 (Released 01.07.2019)

  • All devices:
    1. web-gui: added new “Balloons” (smartphone-like) conversation view
    2. web-gui: added Vacation Mode for phonebook contacts
    3. web-gui: added optional sending delay between SMS
    4. web-gui: added optional contacts deleting when removing Phonebook group
    5. web-gui: added device type in sysinfo page and new modem information table
    6. web-gui: added UTC time zone to date/time settings
    7. web-gui: added fields to set PUK code
    8. web-gui: changed assets paths to relative to make it work properly behind reverse proxy
    9. web-gui: fixed bug with displaying messages longer than 10 parts
    10. web-gui: fixed bug which shows empty gammu version in Sysinfo
    11. web-gui: fixed message length counter for unicode messages
    12. web-gui: fixed paging inside Phonebook groups
    13. web-gui: fixed bug with sending message to numbers longer than 19 digits
    14. web-gui: fixed bug with deleting whole multipart messages
    15. Network Monitor: added parent device feature
    16. Network Monitor: added optional delay between sending SNMP alerts
    17. Network Monitor: added option to choose between SNMP protocol versions 1 and 2
    18. Network Monitor: added test button for tasks
    19. Network Monitor: added history of downtimes for tasks
    20. Network Monitor: fixed bug with monitoring tasks with disabled HTTP traffic
    21. Network Monitor: fixed bug with editing SNMP rules
    22. HTTP API / JSON RPC: improved performance of removing many messages
    23. HTTP API / JSON RPC: added “createdby” parameter for read_sms method
    24. HTTP API / JSON RPC: added “validity” parameter to send_sms, send_togroup and send_tocontact methods
    25. HTTP API / JSON RPC: fixed bug with get_modem_state method that returned “disabled” value for non-existing modems
    26. JSON RPC: fixed extended response display about wrong credentials
    27. Callback URL: added option to set retry interval after failed request
    28. Callback URL: added option to disable peer verify
    29. Email2SMS: added fix to remove new line from the beginning of some converted messages
    30. Updated application framework
    31. Disabled SSLv3, SSLv2
  • NXS family only:
    1. Failover (HA-cluster): added database replication feature (only available in devices with hardware Rev.2 and higher)
    2. Failover (HA-cluster): modified configuration page
    3. SNMP: added custom metric that allows to read temp/humidity from internal sensor
    4. Added fixed modem mappings to prevent DEVICE-UKNOWN errors
    5. Improved modem failover mechanism for dual/multiple modem device
    6. Improved methods for PIN setting
    7. Added mechanism to clear unused rows with browser sessions in database
    8. Updated system scripts to prevent disk full problems
    9. Changed logging level of SNMPD service
    10. Fixed postgres database authentication vulnerability in Rev.3 devices
    11. Disabled SACK processing in Linux OS
    12. Blocked in iptables connections with a low MSS

Version 3.33 (Released 27.06.2019)

  • NXS-97xx Rev.3 only (device MAC address begins with 78:A7:14:56):
    1. Increase max file upload size to allow smooth installation of software version 3.4
    2. Fixed bug in automatic updates mechanism that failed to detect available software updates

Version 3.32 (Released 22.08.2018)

  • All devices:
    1. Callback URL: extended plugin functionality to use combined conditions
    2. Autoreply: extended plugin functionality to use combined conditions
    3. SMS Forward: extended plugin functionality to use combined conditions and changed phonebook/groups inputs
    4. Periodic SMS: added option to choose sending modem for multimodem devices
    5. Email2SMS: fixed issue with saving sending user email for certain email clients
    6. Email2SMS Poller: fixed bug with updating password
    7. Reporting module: fixed “created by” filter
    8. Reporting Module: fixed error with generating statistics for a date range
    9. HTTP API / JSON RPC: added new “idto” parameter to read_sms method
    10. HTTP API / JSON RPC: fixed bug with concatenating multipart messages
    11. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: fixed bug with making call using modem no 2 in call_with_termination method
    12. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: improved performance for auhentication method
    13. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: improved function to mark message as read after using read_sms method
    14. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: applied global Delivery report settings to prtg_sms and send_binary_sms methods
    15. HTTP API / JSON-RPC: extended gsm_getsignal method to work with modem pool
    16. web-gui: added support of longer phone numbers
    17. web-gui: applied global Delivery report settings to compose window
    18. web-gui: fixed statistics chart loading error
    19. web-gui: fixed restore backup form in settings
    20. web-gui: fixed deleting messages from Trash folder
    21. web-gui: fixed issue with displaying proxy settings
    22. web:gui: fixed bug with password change in User settings
    23. minor changes in internal system scripts

Version 3.31 (Released 27.06.2018)

  • All devices:
    1. web-gui: fixed bug with processing of incoming multipart messages
  • NPE family only:
    1. web-gui: fixed bug with application access problem

Version 3.3 (Released 25.06.2018)

  • All devices:
    1. New LDAP plugin: allows to send messages to contacts from LDAP/Active Directory
    2. Callback URL: new extended plugin functionality with possibility to add multiple processing rules
    3. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added new get_modem_state and set_modem state methods
    4. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added new userid_read method
    5. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added new group_members_read method
    6. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added new methods to configure Shift Management
    7. Reporting Module: added sender login field in reports
    8. Reporting Module: access to Reporting Module can be now granted for access level “Users”
    9. web-gui: added option for administators to reset users passwords
    10. web-gui: added MMS autoresponder function in settings
    11. web-gui: modem can be now enabled/disabled without device restart
    12. web-gui: improved CSV import in menu Compose
    13. web-gui: added mechanism in CSV Phonebook import to avoid duplicate entries
    14. SMS2Email: added option to get debug information in system log
    15. Network Monitor: added buttons to enable/disable all rules
    16. Temperature/Humidity sensor: added optional auto delete mechanism for archive readings
    17. updated application framework
    18. improved password hashing algorithms
    19. improved lockout mechanism
    20. updated modem software
    21. updated PHP package
    22. updated web-server package
  • NXS family only:
    1. added proxy support for software update mechanism
    2. updated system packages
  • NPE family only:
    1. minor changes in internal scripts

Version 3.21 (Released 11.01.2018)

  • All devices:
    1. Email2SMS: allowed to send email messages with empty subject when “Include subject in SMS” option is set for email
    2. Callback URL: fixed bug with missing modem_no value
    3. HTTP API: fixed bug in send_sms XML method response when multiple phone numbers are used in the method
    4. JSON-RPC: fixed bug in delete_contact method
    5. JSON-RPC: fixed bug with response when invalid credentials/no API access
    6. Temperature & humidity sensor: fixed bug with displaying wrong unit
    7. modem software: fixed bug with decode of USSD-code answer in unicode characters
    8. updated PHP package
  • NXS family only:
    1. SNMP agent metric fixed netname call
    2. fixed SIM enumeration (only dual-modem devices)
    3. changed modem health check period to 3min (only dual-modem devices)
  • NPE family only:
    1. changed web server engine to Lighttpd for better device performance
    2. reconfigured openSSL package for better device performance
    3. web-gui: fixed backup feature bug
    4. fixed minor NTP setup bug

Version 3.2 (Released 01.12.2017)

  • All devices:
    1. added support of USSD codes (in web-gui and API)
    2. web-gui: added software updates install feature through web interface
    3. web-gui: added backup/restore feature through web interface
    4. web-gui: added new functionality to turn on/off modem(s) in settings menu
    5. web-gui: extended Phonebook view now shows groups and shifts assigned to a contact
    6. web-gui: improved loading time for outbox and sentitems folders with large databases
    7. web-gui: added sending status code in sent message details
    8. web-gui: added message sorting order option for each user
    9. web-gui: optimized CSS and JS files for loading time
    10. Autoreply: extended plugin functionality with multiple autoreply rules
    11. Network Monitor: added new test type for SNMPv2 protocol
    12. Network Monitor: added number of requests parameter for ICMP
    13. SMS Forward: added optional header with original sender number
    14. Callback URL: added support for HTTPS servers with self-signed certificate
    15. Callback URL: added modemno parameter which indicates on which modem incoming message was received
    16. Callback URL: auto-retry time of failed request changed to 2min
    17. fixed delivery report settings in plugins
    18. Email2SMS Poller: added server connection test feature
    19. Email2SMS Poller: added support for HTTPS-only mode
    20. Email2SMS: fixed plugin bug while using HTTP > HTTPS redirection in Apache
    21. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added new send_ussd method for sending USSD codes
    22. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added new send_tocontact method that allows sending message(s) to Phonebook contacts
    23. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: fixed owner change bug in contact_update and group_update methods
    24. API JSON-RPC: changed server response header from ‘text/html; charset=UTF-8’ to ‘application/json’
    25. Reporting Module: fixed a bug with creating sent items folder report
    26. added autoreply for incoming MMS messages (fixed text)
    27. changed db user for direct access to SMSEagle database
    28. modem software: improved handling of sending retries for multipart messages
    29. modem software: fixed waiting between messages in some cellular networks
    30. modem software: sanitize international numbers in the database to always start with +
    31. modem software: delivery reports date/time is now saved in localtime
  • NXS family only:
    1. new temperature & humidity sensor plugin (uses built-in temp&humidity sensor)
    2. web-gui: added feature to create NTP timeserver on device (based on GSM/3G network time)
    3. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added new call_with_termination method that allows to make a dummy phone call through API (available in devices with voice modems)
    4. Email2SMS: added option to choose modem for message sending (only for two-modem devices)
    5. upgraded openSSH package to 7.6p1
    6. fixed logrotate rules (fixed bug with low diskspace)
  • NPE family only:
    1. Reporting module: removed PDF export option (performance issues)
    2. added utilities: nano, ethtool
    3. updated dropbear (SSH) package to v2017.75
    4. corrected timezone settings

Version 3.1 (Released 05.06.2017)

  • All devices:
    1. new Reporting module
    2. new Shift Management feature in Phonebook
    3. new plugin “Email2SMS Poller” based on POP3/IMAP account polling feature
    4. SMS2Email: replying to emails received from SMS2Email now points back to sending number from received SMS
    5. SMS2Email: timeout for SMTP connection exceeded to 20s to support slow servers
    6. SMS2Email: fixed bug in two-way communication when sender number was added in phonebook
    7. Email2SMS: added feature to forward only email subject
    8. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added new parameter modem_no in send_sms, send_togroup and send_binary_sms methods
    9. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: changed UDH parameter to optional, added option to change message class in send_binary_sms
    10. HTTP API/JSON-RPC: added possibility to read from custom folders in read_sms
    11. HTTP API/JSONRPC: fixed bug with public parameter in contact_create method
    12. JSON-RPC: fixed bug with sending messages to multiple phone numbers separated by comma
    13. Digital input/output: added signal duration time and delay options
    14. Digital input/output: plugin now supports phonebook contacts instead of manual number typing
    15. Digital input/output: improved filtering for incoming SMS
    16. Network Monitor: added option to check UDP ports
    17. web-gui: added option to automatically or manually check for software updates
    18. web-gui: added additional SIM Card info in Settings > Sysinfo
    19. web-gui: fixed responsive view on small displays
    20. web-gui: fixed import of phonebook contacts from CSV file, which was previously edited using Excel
    21. web-gui: fixed bug with groups visibility in plugins
    22. web-gui: fixed bug with wrong hour in some timezones
    23. web-gui: fixed bug with not-visible message details in sent items folder when other user has created the message
    24. improved support for HTTPS-only mode
    25. updated log rotation settings
    26. updated rsyslogd package
    27. new version of modem software
    28. added script for SNMPv3 maintainance
    29. improved timezone settings for web-server
    30. minor changes in system scripts
  • NXS family only:
    1. Failover: fix for for status reading mechanism
    2. improved NTP scripts
    3. refreshed SSL self-signed certificates for web-server
    4. change profile settings for bash
    5. upgrade of installed packages
  • NPE family only:
    1. SMS2Email: added support for TLS/SSL encryption
    2. web-gui: fixed logs downloading mechanism
    3. newer package versions for web-server, PHP, openSSL

Version 3.0.1 (Released 18.01.2017)

  • All devices:
    1. web-gui: fixed wrong timezone change for zones that has spaces in its name
    2. HTTP API: fixed bug with empty XML responses
    3. web-gui: minor translation fixes in PL language
  • NXS family only:
    1. JSONRPC: fixed bug with empty responses
    2. Failover: updated script for correct status display in web-gui
    3. Restore settings: updated clean database backup for NXS-9750 device
  • NPE family only:
    1. Network Monitor, Periodic SMS: fixed bug with invalid scheduler script

Version 3.0 (Released 02.01.2017)

  • All devices:
    1. new plugin “Periodic SMS” for sending periodic SMS messages
    2. new plugin “Digital Input/Output” for triggering digital inputs/outputs on the device
    3. Email2SMS & SMS2Email two-way support: new option in SMS2Email “Type of email forwarding” allows two-way work of email -> SMS -> email
    4. Email2SMS: added better error handling
    5. SMS2Email: phonebook contactname from incoming SMS is recognized and put in email message
    6. SMS Forward: fixed a bug with losing encoding information
    7. SMS Forward: fixed bug which sometimes caused editing of existing rule instead of creating new one, recipients validation fix
    8. Network Monitor: fixed bug which sometimes caused editing of existing rule instead of creating new one, recipients validation fix
    9. Network Monitor: hostname field length extended to 255 characters
    10. HTTP API: JSONRPC increased number of available methods (full support of methods from HTTP GET)
    11. HTTP API: JSONRPC methods can now return responses as extended json object (optional)
    12. HTTP API: HTTP GET methods can now return responses as xml object (optional)
    13. HTTP API: methods group_addcontact and group_removecontact now supports multiple parameters
    14. HTTP API: method read_sms now supports also reading of sendingerror folder
    15. HTTP API: send_sms using JSONRPC now supports oid parameter
    16. HTTP API: HTTP GET API call without or with wrong method name now returns string instead of array
    17. HTTP API: fixed “to” parameter validation in send_sms and send_binary_sms
    18. HTTP API: fixed parameters validation in send_togroup, group_update, group_delete, contact_update, contact_delete
    19. web-gui: added percent sign in signal strength
    20. web-gui: fixed visibility issue on phonebook’s private groups, fixed “Add Contact” button behaviour on empty groups
    21. web-gui: fixed a bug, which allowed to delete own user account
    22. web-gui: user signature length extended to 160 chars
    23. web-gui: fixed compose window appearance on smartphones
    24. web-gui: minor translation fixes
  • NXS family only:
    1. overall performance improvements in SMSEagle web application
    2. web-gui: added failover control in settings for NXS devices
    3. web-gui: corrected timezone settings for Australia/Brisbane
    4. new version of modem software
    5. upgrade of installed packages
    6. minor changes in system scripts

Version 2.8 (Released 05.09.2016)

  • All devices:
    1. new SMSForward plugin that allows forwarding of incoming SMS to contacts or groups from phonebook
    2. EMail2SMS: search for groupname or contactname in phonebook is now case insensitive
    3. Email2SMS: new plugin setting that allows special national chars (like ąäàöß我) in SMS converted from email
    4. web-gui: new browser tab notification and sound notification (optional) on incoming SMS
    5. web-gui: new setting for automatic time synchronization with NTP-server
    6. web-gui: new button in menu Settings/Sysinfo for easier download of device logs
    7. web-gui: new filter “User” in advanced search box
    8. web-gui: fixed multi-page display of folder Sentitems > sending_error
    9. web-gui: fixed display of multipart messages in Outbox and My folders
    10. HTTP API: new method send_binary_sms for sending of binary SMS messages
    11. HTTP API: improved handling method for JSON requests
    12. HTTP API: new parameter oid in send_sms method. The parameter is a user-defined unique ID that is assigned to a message-phone number pair. This ID can be used to uniquely identify a message sent/received to/from a particular phone number
    13. HTTP API: non-urlencoded country prefix in destination phone number is also accepted by send_sms methods
    14. HTTP API: SMS delivery report setting is now configurable in web-gui
    15. timezone settings: corrected timezone definition for America/Chicago, Europe/Vilnius
    16. OS scripts: new script for deleting content of selected folder (inbox|outbox|sentitems)
  • NXS family only:
    1. web-gui: timezone definition bug corrected
    2. web-gui: fixed bug with WAP push link in Compose SMS dialog
    3. SMS2Email: enabled connection encryption with SMTP servers
    4. new version of modem software
    5. upgrade of installed packages
    6. minor changes in system scripts

Version 2.75 (Released 18.04.2016)

  • NXS family only:
    1. support for multimodem devices

Version 2.71 (Released 26.01.2016)

  • All devices:
    1. web-gui: fixed bug for message conversation delete when setting “Permanent delete On” is set
    2. OS scripts: added useful scripts for message deletion (may be used for auto-delete of messages from cron)
  • NXS family only:
    1. IP settings: reworked static IP setup
    2. Email2SMS: Postfix server: added TLS support

Version 2.7 (Released 09.12.2015)

  • HTTP API: method send_sms now also accepts multiple phone numbers (separated by comma)
  • HTTP API: fix in read_sms method when text contains quote, double-quote is used as escape char (as in RFC4180 standard for CSV)
  • HTTP API: new methods for phonebook contact and group management
  • Callback URL: bugfix of incoming message repeat on some web-servers
  • Email2SMS: when authentication is enabled sending user is stored in db as SMS creator. SMS is visible in folder sentitems of sending user
  • Email2SMS: when authentication is enabled it is possible to schedule sending with optional parameter: date=YYYYMMDDHHiiss
  • Email2SMS: improved performace of internal email server when receiving mass emails
  • Autoreply: autoreply message will not be sent if message to the given recipient has been already sent within last 10 minutes
  • web-gui: fix for bug in sending SMS to multiple users/group of users from Compose menu
  • web-gui: fix for “Delete all messages now” not working in some web-browsers
  • web-gui: fixed list sorting in Settings > Country dial code
  • web-gui: folder Sent items > text of Sending status is now presented as a raw value received from operator
  • web-gui: new setting > Inbox content can be visible either to all users or only to admins
  • web-gui: Dashboard stats: fixed bug with wrong calculation of total number of contacts when one contact belongs to many groups
  • web-gui: Compose dialog: search for phonebook contacts/groups is now case insensitive
  • web-gui: Compose dialog: message lenght limitation now takes into account unicode setting
  • web-gui: Phonebook groups: bugfix for empty groupname
  • web-gui: Polish translation added to web-gui
  • web-gui: Users: username maximum lenght extended to 20 characters
  • web-gui: Users: each user can select its own language for web-gui (in User settings > Personal data)
  • web-gui: Settings: new field “NTP server” allows to configure timeserver directly from web-gui
  • web-gui: Settings: new field “Hostname” allows to configure OS hostname directly from web-gui
  • SNMP agent: updated agent version for better handling of continous device monitoring
  • Modem software: new “Retry on sending error” feature that causes modem software to auto-retry sending of SMS when sending error occurs
  • Web server: updated version with added HTTPS support

Version 2.6 (Released 18.03.2015)

  • Modem software: fix db-error that occured when broken emoji was received in incoming SMS (DB log message: invalid byte sequence for encoding “UTF8”)
  • SMS2Email: Multipart messages are now supported by the plugin
  • Callback URL: Multipart messages are now supported by the plugin
  • Fix for display of “…” in Folders > Conversation mode for sms messages with unicode characters
  • Fix for bug in sending SMS between intercontinental networks Europe>Asia, Europe>America
  • HTTP API method delete_sms: added handling errors routine on database errors
  • Internal config changes for new device-platform
  • Plugin Autoreply: skip sending autoreply message when senderID is text
  • Sending messages: message is automatically trimmed if lenght is over GSM modem limit (1300chars)

Version 2.5 (Released 15.01.2015)

  • Callback url: New plugin that allows to forward incoming SMS to a remote script
  • Network monitor: new feature that allows to send SMS alert when host/service is back to life after failure
  • SNMP agent: folder metrics corrected to show only main folders content (excluding “My Folders”, “Trash”, “Spam” folders)
  • SNMP agent: new metric “FolderSent_Last24HSendErr” returns number of messages sent with error (GSM carrier returned error) within last 24h
  • Email2SMS: Now you can also send email to group defined in SMSEagle’s phonebook. If you send an email to group@[IP.ADDRESS.OF.SMSEAGLE] it will be converted and sent as SMS to all group members
  • SMS2Email: Username and Password fields are no longer required. For SMTP servers that don’t require authentication
  • HTTP API: new get_gsmsignal method (HTTP GET and JSON). It returns GSM signal strength in percent (values between 0-100).
  • HTTP API: new parameter “flash” for send_sms method (HTTP GET and JSON). Allows to send message as flash message. If GSM modem is disconnected from GSM network, method returns -1
  • HTTP API: method delete_sms refactored for better performace when deleting huge amount of data
  • HTTP API: new parameter “from”, “to” for read_sms method (HTTP GET). Allows filter messages by sender/receiver phone number
  • HTTP API: new parameter “datefrom”, “dateto” for read_sms method (HTTP GET). Allows filter messages by sending/receiving datetime
  • HTTP API: method read_sms now supports also multipart sms messages
  • Settings > IP Settings: New fields that allow to edit DNS servers from web-gui
  • Settings > Reboot: new progress bar that countdowns time to device startup
  • Settings > Sysinfo > Gammulog has been extended to show last two log files from modem software
  • Dashboard: statistics chart optimized for better handling of large databases
  • Folders: Bugfix for “Delete all messages now” button in “Trash” and “Sent items” folder
  • modem software: increased polling time for outgoing queue. Pause time between consecutive sms sending is now lower
  • German translation added to web-gui

Version 2.22 (Released 12.09.2014)

  • Improved management of freeing used memory in operating system

Version 2.21 (Released 24.04.2014)

  • Email2SMS: Bugfix for emails with extra CRLF characters in email header

Version 2.2 (Released 27.03.2014)

  • SNMP agent capabilities has been extended. Now it allows to control the following SMSEagle-specific metrics:
    • GSM signal strength,
    • number of SMS messages in Outbox (outgoing queue lenght),
    • number of SMS messages sent within last 24 hours,
    • number of SMS messages sent within last month,
    • number of SMS messages in Inbox folder
  • HTTP API: Fixed bug with unread parameter in read_sms function
  • HTTP API: Refactored internal method for deleting messages in folders
  • Plugin Autoreply: added check mechanism if autoreply message was already sent to recipient within last hour
  • Plugin Network monitor: ping timetout time can be now defined by user
  • Plugin Email2SMS: SMS is sent also when recipient was defined in CC or BCC field

Version 2.1 (Released 28.01.2014)

  • Plugin Email2SMS: Added new feature that allows to include Email subject in SMS message
  • Modem watchdog script: modified mechanism for restarting modem software

Version 2.0 (Released 23.01.2014)

  • API: HTTP GET send_sms method. Added new parameter “date” for scheduled sending
  • API: HTTP GET new send_togroup method. New function to send sms mesages to a group defined in SMSEagle phonebook
  • API: HTTP GET new prtg_sms method. New separate API function for PRTG sms alerting (earlier PRTG server calls were handled by generic send_sms method)
  • API: HTTP GET modified read_messages method. Returned messages are now ordered by ID column
  • API: HTTP GET new get_inbox_length method. It returns the number of sms messages in inbox folder
  • API: HTTP GET new get_sentitems_length method. It returns the number of sms messages in sentitems folder
  • Folder > Sentitems. Added new button “Delete all messages” which purges whole Sentitem folder (feature available only in Admin mode)
  • Compose > Import from file. Added sample csv file for download
  • Settings > Maintenance. Added possibility to set timezone from web-interface
  • Users > Add user. Fixed the bug when adding several users one after another
  • SMS2Email – plugin is now available in default distribution
  • New plugin Email2SMS – allows sending of SMS messages with email
  • Restore procedure has been extended. It now also resets admin password to web-gui
  • Added column “Created by” in folder views. This columns is active in “Outbox” and “Sent items” folders. In admin mode it allows to monitor which user has created which sms message.
  • Updated version of modem software (fixed bug with time shift for incoming messages in countries with daylight saving timezone, fixed database error message “syntax error at or near “UTF8″ at character 11” that appeared on initializing modem software)

Version 1.2 (Released 28.03.2013)

  • API: added new parameter “highpriority” in send_sms method
  • API: added new method “get_queue_length”. Method returns a length of sms outgoing queue
  • API: simplified JSON url string (backward compatibility is kept)
  • API: HTTP GET send_sms method. Added ID of message in outbox in server response Example response: “OK; ID=207”
  • API: JSON RPC send_sms method. Added ID of message in outbox in server response {“result”:”OK; ID=207″}

Version 1.1 (Released 07.03.2013)

  • possibility to control a SIM-card PIN number through a web-interface (tab Settings/Maintenance)
  • bugfix: folders “Trash/Spam” button DeleteAll

Version 1.0 (Initial release)

  • Initial release