10 most important SMS Usage Statistics 2023

10 most important SMS Usage Statistics 2023

SMS continues to show its dominance as a powerful tool for businesses worldwide. As we get into the statistics surrounding SMS usage in 2023, it becomes clear that using this medium is crucial. It is essential for businesses as they aim to improve communication and engage customers.

Let’s look at the key SMS statistics for 2023.

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Global Smartphone Ownership

About 84% of the world’s people own smartphones (Bank Mycell). Marketing campaigns can now reach a large group of potential clients. The spread of smartphones has revolutionized how businesses engage with consumers. Smartphones offer unmatched chances to connect with diverse audiences. Smartphones are a gateway to the digital world and give instant access to information, communication, and entertainment. As a result, businesses can use this connectivity to run targeted marketing campaigns. These campaigns resonate personally, reaching new markets and driving engagement.

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Preference for SMS

According to Thrive’s data, 41% of consumers prefer SMS over email. This indicates a significant preference for text messaging as a primary mode of communication (Thrive). This preference underscores the unique power and effectiveness of SMS in engaging with audiences. Email can get lost in overflowing inboxes or be put in spam. But, SMS messages go right to recipients’ phones. This ensures they get immediate visibility and attention. SMS is concise and direct. It appeals to modern consumers. They value convenience and brevity in interactions.

High Open Rates

In 2023, the SMS open rate remains impressive, with nine in 10 individuals opening their SMS messages (Mobile Monkey). This statistic shows the unmatched reach of text marketing. It also shows its appeal as a communication tool. Other forms of communication may go unnoticed or get lost but, SMS messages have a high open rate. This ensures that businesses can deliver their message to most of their audience. Other marketing channels do not match this level of engagement. The high open rate of SMS ensures that businesses can reliably connect with their customers and drive desired actions. As such, SMS remains a cornerstone of modern marketing. It offers a direct and efficient way to engage with audiences and get real results.

Rapid Engagement

According to Simple Texting, over 60% of recipients read SMS text messages within 5 minutes of receiving them. This highlights the swift impact and rapid response rates of SMS campaigns. It lets businesses deliver timely messages. And, it drives fast action from their audience. SMS is essential for real-time communication and marketing success.

Mobile Coupon Use

According to Fox West Texas, 80% of coupon users use mobile devices. This highlights the significant role of SMS in delivering offers and driving sales. Most consumers get coupons on mobile devices. So, SMS is a key way to give out promotions and encourage buying. By sending exclusive discounts to customers’ phones, businesses can capture attention. The discounts encourage immediate action and lead to higher sales and revenue. SMS remains a valuable tool for integrating mobile couponing into marketing strategies.

Increased Open Rates for Offers

SMS Comparison reveals that SMS offers are 10% more likely to be opened compared to other marketing channels. This emphasizes SMS’s power in promoting deals and discounts. It captures consumer attention well. With higher open rates, businesses can drive customer engagement. They can boost sales and foster brand loyalty. This makes SMS a valuable tool in marketing strategies.

Preference for Human Interaction

According to GlobeNewswire, 74% of customers prefer human responses over bot messages in SMS marketing. This highlights the importance of genuine interactions in engaging customers. Prioritizing personalized human responses can build trust. They also raise satisfaction and loyalty, improving the customer experience. Adding human elements to SMS marketing helps businesses. It lets them build closer ties with their audience. This approach can drive long-term success.

Conversion Potential

Slick Text reports that 45% of potential clients are likely to choose a product or brand after receiving an SMS. This demonstrates the significant impact SMS campaigns can have on consumer behavior. It also shows their effect on brand loyalty. Personalized and targeted messaging helps businesses influence purchases in real-time. It drives conversions and fosters brand loyalty. This shows that SMS is important in marketing. It helps to increase conversion rates and boost customer loyalty.

Projected Mobile User Growth

Statista projects a substantial increase in global mobile phone users, with estimates reaching 7 billion by 2024 and 1.2 billion by 2025. This shows that SMS messages are still relevant. They are an important way to communicate. Mobile usage continues to surge worldwide. SMS remains a vital tool for businesses to engage with diverse audiences well. SMS campaigns reach wide. They connect with people of all types and places. This makes SMS a key tool for driving engagement and meeting marketing goals.

Preference Among Younger Demographics

Startup Bonsai’s data reveals that 75% of individuals aged 44 and below prefer texting businesses. This underscores the importance of catering to diverse age groups in SMS marketing. By recognizing and fitting this preference, businesses can reach younger consumers well. They often favor texting for its convenience and immediacy. Prioritizing text messaging in marketing helps businesses. It lets them reach a tech-savvy and digitally connected audience. It builds stronger relationships and brand loyalty.

Effectiveness of SMS marketing

  • High Open Rates: SMS messages boast an impressive open rate of 98%, surpassing the 20% open rate of email marketing (ManyChat).

  • Enhanced Click-Through Rates: Exabytes reports a 9.18% higher click-through rate for SMS offers than other digital channels. This shows better engagement and conversion potential.

  • Real-Time Reach: G2’s data shows that 60% of customers read texts within 1-5 minutes of getting them. This highlights SMS’s effectiveness for delivering timely promotions and engaging customers on the go.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: SMS messaging is more secure than other digital channels. It sends messages directly to users’ phones and does not store them on external servers. This reduces vulnerability to hacking and data breaches.

Conclusion: The Rise of SMS Marketing

The Dominance of Text Message Marketing in the Digital Age

In an era where digital communication reigns supreme, text message marketing has emerged as a cornerstone of effective digital strategies. Businesses leveraging SMS marketing messages have seen unparalleled engagement rates, tapping into the vast potential of mobile phones to reach their audience directly and personally. The use of SMS marketing is not just about sending messages; it’s about creating a dialogue with consumers who are increasingly looking to interact with brands in a meaningful way.

Enhancing Customer Experience with SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing services have evolved, offering sophisticated tools that allow businesses to send targeted marketing text messages that resonate with their audience’s needs and preferences. This evolution in SMS marketing strategy has led to a significant shift in how companies approach customer engagement, with a focus on personalization and immediacy that only text messages can provide. The SMS marketing market has grown exponentially as a result, with businesses of all sizes recognizing the value of integrating SMS into their overall marketing efforts.

Data-Driven Decisions: SMS Marketing Stats and Insights

The importance of data in shaping SMS marketing strategies cannot be overstated. SMS marketing stats offer invaluable insights into consumer behavior, enabling businesses to refine their approach and achieve higher conversion rates. The marketing stats related to SMS loyalty programs and SMS subscribers highlight the effectiveness of using SMS to not only reach customers but also to build lasting relationships with them. As the SMS marketing market continues to expand, the reliance on these stats to inform decision-making processes becomes increasingly critical.

The Strategic Use of SMS Marketing in Business Growth

To effectively use SMS marketing, businesses must adopt a strategic approach that encompasses a deep understanding of their target audience, the creation of compelling content, and the timely delivery of marketing text messages. SMS marketing strategies that prioritize customer preferences and behavior can lead to higher engagement rates, making SMS marketing messages a powerful tool in a company’s marketing arsenal. Moreover, the integration of SMS marketing services into broader marketing campaigns can amplify reach and impact, driving significant business growth.

Future Trends: The Evolving Landscape of SMS Marketing

As we look to the future, the SMS marketing market is poised for further innovation, with emerging technologies enhancing the way businesses use SMS. From AI-driven personalization to advanced segmentation, the possibilities for tailoring text message marketing campaigns are endless. Additionally, the rise of sms loyalty programs signifies a shift towards more value-driven engagement, where text messages serve as a medium for delivering exclusive offers and rewards, thereby fostering a sense of loyalty among SMS subscribers.

Maximizing Impact with SMS Marketing Strategies

In conclusion, the power of text message marketing in today’s digital landscape is undeniable. With the majority of the world’s population now using mobile phones, the ability to use SMS marketing to directly engage with consumers has transformed the way businesses communicate and market their products and services. As SMS marketing strategies continue to evolve, staying abreast of the latest SMS marketing stats and trends will be key to leveraging this dynamic channel effectively. By doing so, businesses can harness the full potential of SMS marketing messages to reach their marketing objectives and drive sustained growth.

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SMSEagle 6.0 release on May 28th

In the latest update 6.0 of the SMSEagle system, we have introduced enhancements and new features that expand the capabilities of our platform. The goal of these changes is not only to increase the functionality of the system but also to adapt it to the growing needs of users.

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10 most important SMS Usage Statistics 2023

SMS continues to show its dominance as a powerful tool for businesses worldwide. As we get into the statistics surrounding SMS usage in 2023, it becomes clear that using this medium is crucial. It is essential for businesses as they aim to improve communication and engage customers.

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How to lower SMS costs

Choosing the right SMS messaging platform isn’t just about what’s convenient; it’s about your budget too. This article breaks down why going for hardware SMS gateways is a wise financial move compared to the online choices as well as a few good practices.

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SMSEagle’s Rebranding: a fresh look, same quality.

We’re happy to share a significant update about SMSEagle rebranding process. It brings a fresh, modern logo that represents our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, and a new slogan to reflect our dedication to reliable, secure, and resilient communication.

New slogan: „Your gateway to unbreakable communication”

Our new slogan embodies the essence of our mission – to provide you with a robust and trustworthy platform for all your SMS communication needs. We are the bridge that remains unbreakable, ensuring your messages reach their destination, no matter the challenges along the way.

The meaning behind the slogan:

Reliability: Our slogan reflects our dedication to being a reliable partner in your communication. We want you to count on us, no matter the situation.

Security: It signifies our commitment to the security of your messages. We prioritize secure and encrypted communication to protect your data.

Resilience: Like an eagle soaring above challenges, we aim to provide you with resilient communication solutions. Our gateways are designed to withstand obstacles.

Trust: The slogan embodies the trust you place in us. We take that trust seriously and strive to maintain it.

New branding, same quality

Our fresh appearance is like getting a stylish makeover while keeping the good stuff unchanged. We’re still all about delivering top-quality hardware SMS gateway solutions. You’ve come to trust us for reliable communication, and that’s not changing. Our new look is just the start, and you can count on us for excellent SMS solutions, as always.

What’s Not Changing:

Quality and Features: While we’re giving our appearance a makeover, our commitment to delivering high-quality hardware SMS gateways with trusted features remains unchanged.

Unwavering Support: We’ll continue to provide the exceptional customer support you’ve come to expect from SMSEagle. Your success is our priority.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our focus on your needs and feedback remains steadfast. We’re dedicated to meeting your evolving requirements.

Continuous Improvement: We’re committed to constant software updates and hardware development to ensure you benefit from the latest advancements.

Final thoughts

As we embark on this journey of rebranding, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and trust in SMSEagle. Our new look and the slogan, “Your gateway to unbreakable communication,” reflect our commitment to evolving and meeting your communication needs with reliability, security, and resilience.

Our core values and dedication to delivering high-quality hardware SMS gateways remain unaltered. Your needs and expectations are at the heart of our mission, and we are fully committed to continuing to provide you with the outstanding service and support you’ve come to rely on.

SMSEagle Introduces NXS-9700-5G Providing Global 5G Coverage and Enhanced Security

POZNAN, Poland, – 2023-08-16 SMSEagle, a leading provider of hardware SMS gateways, today announced the launch of the new NXS-9700-5G device. The upgrade offers enhanced connectivity on the 5G network and improved OS security.

SMSEagle is a professional hardware SMS gateway for sending and receiving SMS messages in an automated manner. The new specifications include:

  • Built-in 5G modem with global 5G coverage and automatic 4G/3G fallback:
    RF Bands/Wavebands: 5G NR NSA/SA: n1/n2/n3/n5/n7/n8/n12/n20/n25/n28/n38/n40/n41/n48/n66/n71/n77/n78/n79
    4G: LTE-FDD:  B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12(B17)/B13/B14/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B29/B30/B32/B66/B71
    LTE-TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41/B42/B43/B48
    3G: UMTS B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
  • Operating System: Linux 6.1x with secure boot mechanism
  • External Antenna:
    2x Omnidirectional 2.5dBi MIMO Magnetic/Adhesive mount
  • 5G Standard:
    3GPP Release 15, max data rate DL 2.1 Gbps; UL 450 Mbps

The latest model introduces 5G support with comprehensive global coverage, catering specifically to the needs of professionals. This highly-anticipated integration of advanced 5G technology brings forth an unparalleled connectivity experience, ensuring seamless connections across international boundaries.

The secure boot mechanism ensures that only trusted and authorized software and firmware can be executed during the boot process of the device. This mechanism verifies the integrity and authenticity of each component in the boot chain, from the firmware to the operating system and any subsequent software. Secure boot uses digital signatures to verify the authenticity of the software before allowing it to execute, ensuring that only software from trusted sources is allowed to run.

Behind the sleek design lies a powerhouse of innovation. "The SMSEagle NXS-9700-5G is the result of relentless dedication and cutting-edge technology." said Radosław Janowski, CEO of SMSEagle. "From our engineers' commitment to crafting a device that pushes the limits of what's possible, you'll experience firsthand the future of communication."

SMSEagle continues to facilitate the need for a reliable means of automated communication via top of the line hardware with software. By revising their existing hardware and releasing new products with new features, users can maximize their productivity and expand their automation.

About SMSEagle

SMSEagle is a leading provider of SMS gateway hardware worldwide. The device is a EU-originated product for automatic sending & receiving of SMS messages, allowing you to send SMS alerts coming from network monitoring systems, SMS tokens from authentication systems, convert email to SMS messages, send and receive SMS texts using API.

For more information, visit https://www.smseagle.eu/

POZNAN, Polen, – 2023-08-16 – SMSEagle, ein führender Anbieter von Hardware-SMS-Gateways, gab heute die Einführung des neuen NXS-9700-5G-Geräts bekannt. Das Upgrade bietet erweiterte Konnektivität im 5G-Netzwerk und verbesserte Betriebssystemsicherheit.

SMSEagle ist ein professionelles Hardware-SMS-Gateway für den automatisierten Versand und Empfang von SMS-Nachrichten. Die neuen Spezifikationen umfassen:

  • Integriertes 5G-Modem mit globaler 5G-Abdeckung und automatischem 4G/3G-Fallback:
    RF-Bänder/Wellenlängen: 5G NR NSA/SA: n1/n2/n3/n5/n7/n8/n12/n20/n25/n28/n38/n40/n41/n48/n66/n71/n77/n78/n79
    4G: LTE-FDD:  B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12(B17)/B13/B14/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B29/B30/B32/B66/B71
    LTE-TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41/B42/B43/B48
    3G: UMTS B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
  • Betriebssystem: Linux 6.1x mit sicherem Boot-Mechanismus (secure boot)
  • Externe Antenne:
    2x Omnidirektional 2.5dBi MIMO Magnetische/Klebebefestigung
  • 5G-Standard:
    3GPP Release 15, maximale Datenrate DL 2,1 Gbps; UL 450 Mbps

Das neueste Modell bietet 5G-Unterstützung mit umfassender globaler Abdeckung, die speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von Geschäftsleuten zugeschnitten ist. Diese mit Spannung erwartete Integration der fortschrittlichen 5G-Technologie sorgt für ein unvergleichliches Konnektivitätserlebnis und gewährleistet nahtlose Verbindungen über internationale Grenzen hinweg.

Der sichere Boot-Mechanismus stellt sicher, dass nur vertrauenswürdige und autorisierte Software und Firmware während des Boot-Prozesses des Geräts ausgeführt werden kann. Dieser Mechanismus prüft die Integrität und Authentizität jeder Komponente in der Boot-Kette, von der Firmware über das Betriebssystem bis hin zu jeder nachfolgenden Software. Secure Boot stützt sich auf Kryptographie zum Schutz vor unbefugten oder böswilligen Änderungen. Mit Hilfe digitaler Signaturen wird die Authentizität der Software überprüft, bevor sie zur Ausführung zugelassen wird, so dass nur Software aus vertrauenswürdigen Quellen ausgeführt werden kann.

Hinter dem schlanken Design verbirgt sich ein Kraftwerk der Innovation. "Der SMSEagle NXS-9700-5G ist das Ergebnis von unermüdlichem Einsatz und modernster Technologie", sagt Radosław Janowski, CEO von SMSEagle. "Dank des Engagements unserer Ingenieure, ein Gerät zu entwickeln, das die Grenzen des Machbaren verschiebt, erleben Sie die Zukunft der Kommunikation hautnah."

SMSEagle unterstützt den Bedarf an zuverlässigen Mitteln zur automatisierten Kommunikation durch erstklassige Hardware und Software. Durch die Überarbeitung der bestehenden Hardware und die Veröffentlichung neuer Produkte mit neuen Funktionen können Benutzer ihre Produktivität maximieren und ihre Automatisierung erweitern.

Über SMSEagle

SMSEagle ist ein weltweit führender Anbieter von SMS-Gateway-Hardware. Das Gerät ist ein Produkt mit EU-Ursprung für das automatische Senden und Empfangen von SMS-Nachrichten, das es Ihnen ermöglicht, SMS-Warnungen von Netzwerküberwachungssystemen und SMS-Tokens von Authentifizierungssystemen zu senden, E-Mails in SMS-Nachrichten umzuwandeln und SMS-Texte über API zu senden und zu empfangen.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter https://www.smseagle.eu/

POZNAN, Pologne, – 2023-08-16 – SMSEagle, l’un des principaux fournisseurs de passerelles SMS matérielles, a annoncé aujourd’hui le lancement du nouveau dispositif NXS-9700-5G. La mise à jour offre une connectivité améliorée sur le réseau 5G et une meilleure sécurité du système d’exploitation.

SMSEagle est une passerelle SMS matérielle professionnelle qui permet d’envoyer et de recevoir des messages SMS de manière automatisée. Les nouvelles spécifications comprennent :

  • Modem 5G intégré avec couverture mondiale 5G et repli automatique 4G/3G :
    Bandes RF/Bandes d’ondes : 5G NR NSA/SA : n1/n2/n3/n5/n7/n8/n12/n20/n25/n28/n38/n40/n41/n48/n66/n71/n77/n78/n79
    4G: LTE-FDD:  B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12(B17)/B13/B14/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B29/B30/B32/B66/B71
    LTE-TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41/B42/B43/B48
    3G: UMTS B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
  • Système d’exploitation : Linux 6.1x avec mécanisme de démarrage sécurisé
  • Antenne externe :
    2x Omnidirectionnelle 2.5dBi MIMO Support magnétique/adhésif
  • Norme 5G :
    3GPP Release 15, débit maximal DL 2,1 Gbps ; UL 450 Mbps

Le dernier modèle introduit la prise en charge de la 5G avec une couverture mondiale complète, répondant spécifiquement aux besoins des professionnels. Cette intégration très attendue de la technologie 5G avancée offre une expérience de connectivité inégalée, garantissant des connexions transparentes au-delà des frontières internationales.

Le mécanisme de démarrage sécurisé garantit que seuls des logiciels et des microprogrammes fiables et autorisés peuvent être exécutés pendant le processus de démarrage de l’appareil. Ce mécanisme vérifie l’intégrité et l’authenticité de chaque composant de la chaîne de démarrage, du micrologiciel au système d’exploitation et à tout autre logiciel ultérieur. Le démarrage sécurisé s’appuie sur la cryptographie pour protéger l’appareil contre les modifications non autorisées ou malveillantes. Il utilise des signatures numériques pour vérifier l’authenticité du logiciel avant de l’autoriser à s’exécuter, ce qui garantit que seuls les logiciels provenant de sources fiables sont autorisés à fonctionner.

Derrière le design épuré se cache une puissance d'innovation. "Le SMSEagle NXS-9700-5G est le résultat d'un dévouement sans relâche et d'une technologie de pointe", a déclaré Radosław Janowski, PDG de SMSEagle. "Grâce à l'engagement de nos ingénieurs à concevoir un appareil qui repousse les limites du possible, vous ferez l'expérience directe de l'avenir de la communication."

SMSEagle continue à répondre au besoin d’un moyen fiable de communication automatisée par le biais d’un matériel et d’un logiciel haut de gamme. En révisant leur matériel existant et en lançant de nouveaux produits avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités, les utilisateurs peuvent maximiser leur productivité et étendre leur automatisation.

À propos de SMSEagle

SMSEagle est l’un des principaux fournisseurs mondiaux de passerelles SMS. Le dispositif est un produit originaire de l’UE pour l’envoi et la réception automatiques de messages SMS, vous permettant d’envoyer des alertes SMS provenant de systèmes de surveillance de réseau, des jetons SMS provenant de systèmes d’authentification, de convertir des courriels en messages SMS, d’envoyer et de recevoir des textes SMS à l’aide de l’API.

Pour plus d’informations, visitez le site https://www.smseagle.eu/

POZNAŃ, Polska, – 2023-08-16 – SMSEagle, wiodący dostawca sprzętowych bramek SMS, ogłosił dziś wprowadzenie na rynek nowego urządzenia NXS-9700-5G. Nowy model urządzenia oferuje ulepszoną łączność w sieci 5G i poprawione bezpieczeństwo systemu operacyjnego.

SMSEagle to profesjonalna sprzętowa bramka SMS do automatycznego wysyłania i odbierania wiadomości SMS. Nowe specyfikacje obejmują:

  • Wbudowany modem 5G z globalnym zasięgiem 5G i automatycznym przywracaniem 4G/3G:
    Pasma RF: 5G NR NSA/SA: n1/n2/n3/n5/n7/n8/n12/n20/n25/n28/n38/n40/n41/n48/n66/n71/n77/n78/n79
    4G: LTE-FDD:  B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12(B17)/B13/B14/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B29/B30/B32/B66/B71
    LTE-TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41/B42/B43/B48
    3G: UMTS B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19
  • System operacyjny: Linux 6.1x z mechanizmem bezpiecznego rozruchu (secure boot)
  • Antena zewnętrzna:
    2x Antena dookólna 2.5dBi MIMO Mocowanie magnetyczne/przylepne
  • Standard 5G:
    3GPP Release 15, maksymalna szybkość transmisji danych DL 2,1 Gb/s; UL 450 Mb/s

Najnowszy model wprowadza obsługę 5G z globalnym zasięgiem, zaspokajając potrzeby profesjonalistów. Ta bardzo oczekiwana integracja zaawansowanej technologii 5G zapewnia niezrównaną jakość w łączności, zapewniając płynne połączenia w większości sieci komórkowych świata.

Mechanizm bezpiecznego rozruchu (ang. secure boot) zapewnia, że tylko zaufane i autoryzowane oprogramowanie i oprogramowanie układowe mogą być uruchamiane podczas procesu rozruchu urządzenia. Mechanizm ten weryfikuje integralność i autentyczność każdego komponentu w łańcuchu rozruchowym, od oprogramowania układowego po system operacyjny i wszelkie kolejne oprogramowanie. Bezpieczny rozruch wykorzystuje podpisy cyfrowe do weryfikacji autentyczności oprogramowania przed zezwoleniem na jego uruchomienie, zapewniając, że tylko oprogramowanie z zaufanych źródeł może zostać uruchomione.

W niepozornej obudowie kryje się potęga innowacji. "SMSEagle NXS-9700-5G jest wynikiem nieustannego pracy nad polepszaniem produktu i najnowocześniejszej technologii" - powiedział Radosław Janowski, CEO SMSEagle. "Dzięki zaangażowaniu naszych inżynierów w tworzenie urządzenia, które przesuwa granice tego, co możliwe, możemy doświadczyć wysokiej jakości komunikacji 5G".

SMSEagle nadal zaspokaja zapotrzebowanie na niezawodne środki zautomatyzowanej komunikacji poprzez najwyższej klasy sprzęt i oprogramowanie. Zmieniając istniejący sprzęt i wypuszczając nowe produkty z nowymi funkcjami, użytkownicy mogą zmaksymalizować swoją produktywność i rozszerzyć automatyzację.

O SMSEagle

SMSEagle jest wiodącym dostawcą bramek SMS na całym świecie. Urządzenia SMSEagle produkowane są w Polsce. Wykorzystywane są do automatycznego wysyłania i odbierania wiadomości SMS, umożliwiając wysyłanie alertów SMS pochodzących z systemów monitorowania sieci, tokenów SMS z systemów uwierzytelniania, konwertowanie wiadomości e-mail na wiadomości SMS, wysyłanie i odbieranie tekstów SMS za pomocą interfejsu API.

Więcej informacji można znaleźć na stronie https://www.smseagle.eu/

What is Flash SMS? How Does It Compare to Push Notifications?

In the ever-evolving world of communication, businesses and individuals are always seeking innovative ways to grab attention and convey important information. Enter Flash SMS, a unique messaging tool that combines attention-grabbing immediacy with a layer of confidentiality. But what exactly is Flash SMS, and how does it work? Let’s dive in and explore this communication method.

Short Summary

  • Flash SMS is a secure communication method that bypasses the inbox and appears directly on the recipient’s device screen.
  • It provides an attention-grabbing way to send urgent, confidential or time sensitive messages.
  • Best practices for using Flash SMS include targeting the right audience and considering timing and frequency.

Understanding Flash SMS

Flash SMS is a type of message that has a unique characteristic: it appears directly on the recipient’s phone screen without being stored in the device’s memory. This makes Flash SMS particularly engaging and secure, as it allows the sender to instantly catch the recipient’s attention and convey sensitive information without being stored in the device’s SMS inbox.

The origin of Flash SMS dates back to the late 90s, but it never gained widespread popularity due to security concerns and limited use cases. However, with the increasing reliance on mobile phones for communication, Flash SMS has found its niche in situations that require immediate attention and confidentiality.

What is Flash SMS?

A Flash SMS message, also known as a Class 0 SMS, is a priority message that appears directly on the recipient’s mobile phone lock screen or home screen without any user interaction. This means that the recipient does not need to open their SMS inbox to view the message, as it will pop up on their screen as soon as it is received. Unlike regular text messages, Flash SMS messages are not stored on the recipient’s device, making them an excellent choice for sending sensitive information or urgent alerts.

To send a Flash SMS, the sender must configure their message with a specific message class, usually Class 0. This class ensures that the message is treated as a Flash SMS by the recipient’s mobile phone, bypassing the standard SMS inbox and appearing directly on the device’s screen. The sender’s identity, or Sender ID, may not be displayed with the message, so it’s essential to include the sender’s name in the content of the message.

History of Flash SMS

Introduced in the late 90s, Flash SMS was initially developed as a means of quickly sending information directly to a recipient’s mobile screen. However, due to security concerns and a limited number of practical applications, it never gained widespread popularity.

Despite its limited adoption, Flash SMS has remained a niche communication tool, particularly for situations that require the immediate attention of the recipient. Its unique ability to bypass the SMS inbox and appear directly on the recipient’s screen has made it a valuable tool in specific use cases where immediacy and confidentiality are paramount.

How Flash SMS Works

The process of sending and receiving Flash SMS is quite simple, but requires the involvement of an SMS provider or hardware SMS gateway device that supports this type of message. To send a Flash SMS, the sender must configure their message with a specific message class, typically Class 0, and enter the necessary message details, including the recipient’s phone number and the message content.

When a recipient receives a Flash SMS, it appears directly on their phone screen, bypassing the device’s notification center. It’s crucial for the recipient to read and act upon the message immediately, as dismissing the message will cause it to disappear without being stored on the device.

Receiving Flash SMS

Upon receiving a Flash SMS, the message will be displayed directly on the recipient’s mobile device screen, regardless of whether the device is locked or in use, even on Android devices (depending on the device). It is essential for the recipient to promptly read and act on the message, as it will be removed from the screen if dismissed and will not be stored on the device.

This unique characteristic of flash messages, specifically Flash SMS, makes it particularly useful for situations that require immediate attention and action from the recipient, such as emergency alerts or time-sensitive information. In these scenarios, flash SMS work effectively to convey crucial information.

Advantages of Flash SMS

Flash SMS offers several benefits over traditional SMS, making it an attractive option for businesses and individuals looking for more engaging and secure communication methods. Two key advantages include its attention-grabbing nature and the added layer of confidentiality it provides by not being stored on the recipient’s device.

These benefits make Flash SMS an excellent choice for sending:

  • Urgent or important messages that require immediate attention and action from the recipient
  • Emergency alerts
  • Confidential information


One of the most significant advantages of Flash SMS is its ability to capture the recipient’s attention immediately. By bypassing the notification center and appearing directly on the recipient’s screen, Flash SMS stands out from regular text messages and ensures that the message is not overlooked.

This attention-grabbing quality makes Flash SMS particularly effective for sending marketing messages, promotions, or other relevant content that requires immediate action from the recipient. By ensuring that the message is seen and read promptly, Flash SMS can help drive engagement and increase the likelihood of a positive response.


Another notable advantage of Flash SMS is the level of confidentiality it provides. Since Flash SMS messages are not stored on the recipient’s device, they are not visible to other parties who may have access to the device.

This makes Flash SMS an ideal communication method for sending sensitive information or emergency alerts that should only be seen by the intended recipient. By ensuring that the message is only displayed on the recipient’s screen and not stored on their device, Flash SMS provides a level of privacy and security that is not available with traditional SMS.

Flash SMS vs. Push Notifications

Both Flash SMS and push notifications are methods of communication designed to grab attention and deliver important information to recipients. While they share some similarities, such as appearing on the recipient’s screen, they also have distinct differences and use cases.

To determine which communication method is best suited for a particular purpose, it’s essential to understand the key differences between Flash SMS and push notifications and weigh the benefits and limitations of each.

Similarities and Differences

The primary similarity between Flash SMS and push notifications is that both types of messages appear on the recipient’s screen without requiring any user interaction. This ensures that the message is seen and read promptly, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

However, there are some key differences between the two communication methods. While Flash SMS messages are supported by almost all phones and work in remote areas with poor signal quality, push notifications require additional installation of communication app and require cellular Internet on the recipient phone. This makes Flash SMS more universal and available for anyone with a phone.

Choosing the Right Communication Method

Selecting the appropriate communication method depends on several factors, including the target audience, the content of the message, and the desired level of confidentiality. Flash SMS may be the preferred choice for situations that require immediate attention and a high level of confidentiality, such as emergency alerts or sensitive information.

In contrast, mobile push notifications can be used for marketing messages, app updates, or personalized notifications. To make the most of these features, it’s important to enable push notifications in your push notification campaigns. Implementing a well-planned push notification strategy can offer the advantage of being able to target a larger audience and provide more customization options, making push notification a marketing communication tool.


In conclusion, Flash SMS is a unique and powerful communication tool that offers several advantages over traditional SMS, including its attention-grabbing nature and added layer of confidentiality. Unlike push notifications tt doesn’t require installation of additional apps making it more universal. By understanding the differences between Flash SMS and push notifications, businesses and individuals can choose the appropriate communication method for their specific needs and ensure that their messages are seen, read, and acted upon by the intended recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a main purpose for Flash SMS?

A flash SMS is designed to deliver important messages like emergency warnings. It is designed to be quick and easy to read, so that the recipient can take action quickly. It also helps to ensure that the message is not lost in a sea of other emails or text messages.

Are Flash SMS messages stored on the recipient’s device?

Flash SMS messages are by default not stored on the recipient’s device, providing a level of confidentiality for the user.

This makes them a great choice for sending sensitive information, such as passwords or one-time codes.

How do you send flash text messages?

You need a device or a service that supports this kind of messaging. You might use a SMSEagle Hardware SMS Gateway to send flash text messages via web-based application or API.

Can Flash SMS be used for marketing purposes?

Yes, Flash SMS can be used for marketing purposes, as they are great for messages that require immediate attention and action.

Create the right solution for your operation

Your obstacles are unique, and the solutions for them should be too. Do you consider using Flash SMS as a communication channel for your important messages? To find out how SMSEagle can help, get in touch with our team.

SMSEagle 4G Devices Achieve RCM Certification: A Next Milestone in Secure Messaging

Poznań, Poland, June 22nd, 2023 – Proximus Sp. z o.o., the leading manufacturer of hardware SMS gateways under the SMSEagle brand, announced that NXS-9700-4G, NXS-9750-4G and MHD-8100-4G devices have undergone a detailed assessment process against applicable ACMA requirements and telecommunication standards for Australia and New Zealand and received Australian ACMA RCM Certificate. The products may be imported to Australia and New Zealand per the terms of the ACMA Agency Agreement.

Benefits of RCM Certification for SMSEagle 4G Devices:

  1. Expanded Market Access: RCM certification allows legal sale and distribution in Australia and New Zealand, expanding SMSEagle’s market reach.
  2. Safety Compliance: RCM certification assures customers of the devices’ compliance with safety requirements.
  3. Electromagnetic Compatibility: RCM certification ensures minimal interference risks with other electronic devices, enhancing device reliability.
  4. Customer Confidence: RCM certification instills confidence in customers, showing SMSEagle’s dedication to delivering compliant and safe messaging solutions.

Compliance with safety and EMC standards expands market reach and assures customers of reliable and secure solutions. SMSEagle’s 4G devices are always a trusted choice for businesses seeking seamless communication and operational efficiency.

About SMSEagle

SMSEagle is a professional hardware SMS/MMS gateway for sending and receiving SMS/MMS messages. The device is designed with focus on reliability and stability. Messages are sent/received directly to/from cellular network without using any external 3rd party solutions. The device has a range of built-in plugins that enable additional functionalities and easy to use API for integration with external applications.

Create the right solution for your operation

Your obstacles are unique, and the solutions for them should be too. The functions of SMSEagle allow critical operations units to incorporate SMS communications into their systems in a way that makes sense to them. To find out how SMSEagle will allow you to create the solution you need, get in touch with our team.

SMS Usage Statistics 2022

SMS is known to offer many advantages over other communication tools for businesses, such as cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and extensive reach. A review of key statistics, however, helped us to reveal the true and real-world efficacy of SMS campaigns. In this analysis, we explore the effectiveness of SMS communications in today’s world, highlighting the role SMS plays in customer engagement, conversions, and consumer preferences, as well as its growing relevance in fostering stronger customer relationships.

Unparalleled reach

About 7.33 billion people – which makes up 93% of the global population as of March 2023 – use mobile phones, with 97% connected by mobile networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G. In contrast, only 60% of the world population regularly accesses the Internet, making channels like email and apps like WhatsApp less effective for reaching the masses. SMS messages have a high engagement rate, with most consumers responding within three minutes and nearly 90% replying within 30 minutes. This prompt response shows the effectiveness of SMS as a communication tool for reaching people quickly.

Click-throughs and conversions

SMS marketing boasts high click-through rates (CTR), leading to impressive conversion rates. According to Postscript, abandoned cart messages for inexpensive recurring purchases like coffee can achieve a CTR as high as 20% via SMS, while keyword opt-in messages register a 25-38% CTR.

A Klaviyo survey revealed that nearly 3 in 4 consumers have made a purchase because of an SMS text from a brand, with half of the respondents reporting this happened 2-3 times. 24% of respondents admitted they were not considering a purchase until the text message inspired them to do so. These statistics underscore the significant impact of SMS marketing on consumer behavior and conversions.

Fostering two-way interaction

SMS proves to be an engaging marketing communication channel, as people enjoy responding to businesses that send them text messages. Gartner reports that around 45% of people reply to SMS messages, compared to just 6% for emails. About 55% of people use built-in default SMS apps instead of third-party messaging options, making them more likely to engage with businesses via SMS.

Over 45% of respondents value two-way conversations and find the ability to text businesses back useful, according to a Simpletexting survey. This shows the growing preference for SMS as an interactive medium, nurturing stronger connections between businesses and consumers.

CRM and brand loyalty

SMS communication is a popular method for people to stay connected with their favorite brands. A Cloudli Communications survey found that over 80% of respondents across all generations wanted to text their preferred brands and businesses. Klaviyo’s survey reveals the most preferred SMS messages from brands revolve around delivery confirmations (51%), shipment confirmations (46%), and birthday deals (36%).

Nearly two-thirds of consumers would switch to a company offering text messaging as a communication channel, according to a survey commissioned by Avochato. The study found that 60% of respondents would rather schedule hair care appointments via text, 65% prefer financial services that communicate account details, bills, and payment reminders through SMS, and 72% would choose a travel company that provides travel plans, reminders, and updates via text.

These statistics highlight the growing preference for SMS-based customer communication in enabling businesses to build stronger customer relationships.

SMS: Growth and future prospects

SMS continues to grow in popularity and relevance. Juniper Research predicts that 3.5 trillion business application-to-person (A2P) messages will be delivered by 2023. Postscript notes that the most successful brands send a minimum of five texts per month to every subscriber on their list, further emphasizing the importance of SMS in modern communication strategies.

SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway enables brands to send up to 240 messages per minute, effectively meeting customer expectations for prompt communication. This powerful marketing automation tool ensures personalization and simplifies the sending process, allowing businesses to maintain strong connections with their audience while maximizing the benefits of SMS marketing.

Curious to explore further? We have compiled additional resources worth exploring.

Create the right solution for your operation

Your obstacles are unique, and the solutions for them should be too. The functions of SMSEagle allow any business to incorporate SMS communications into their systems in a way that makes sense to them. To find out how SMSEagle will allow you to create the solution you need, get in touch with our team.

How to Setup Status Alerts for UPS Device

Today, reliable power supply is a key element in ensuring the continuity of operation of many devices. Without uninterrupted power supply, many companies, institutions, and private users would not be able to function. Therefore, more and more people decide to purchase a device that will provide them with uninterrupted power – Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS.

However, owning a UPS is one thing, and monitoring its status is a completely different matter. So, how to set up status alerts for UPS?  There are three basic ways to read the status from a UPS:

  • Dry Contact
  • SNMP Signals
  • Email alerts

Dry Contact

Dry Contact is an output on UPS device where the device sends a signal to an external system (e.g. an alarm system, control center, SMS gateway) when the power switches from the electric grid to the UPS (or reversed). The signal is usually a simple state change from an open to a closed circuit on the dry contact. The state change allows for quick notification of the power outage, but an external system is required to process the signal.

SNMP Monitoring and SNMP Traps

The second method is SNMP monitoring or SNMP traps. The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) protocol allows monitoring of various network devices. If a UPS device is equipped with SNMP capability, you can monitor its state via external monitoring software (for example Network Monitoring System). With SNMP monitoring an external system periodically polls the UPS device about its status. SNMP traps, on the other hand, allow the UPS to send SNMP information to the system whenever its status change. The UPS device must be equipped with Network Interface Card (NIC) to take advantage of SNMP monitoring of SNMP traps.

Email Alerts

The last method is Email alerts. In this case, the UPS sends an email notification about the status change. Usually, you configure an SMTP server on your UPS device management portal/software, and this server is used then to send emails from a UPS device to a mailbox of your choice. The UPS device must be equipped with Network Interface Card (NIC) to use Email alerts.

How To Ensure Quick And Effective Reaction to Failures?

However, no matter which method is used, to further facilitate the critical information about power outage from UPS it should be received by a response team in a fast and reliable way. This will assure that the information will not be lost or stuck among many other status updates in IT infrastructure. The critical information from the UPS device might be managed within a Network Monitoring System (NMS). Another interesting and easy alternative is to use a hardware SMS gateway. SMS guarantees instant deliverability and offers a channel that is accessible to everyone. Thanks to the integration of the hardware SMS gateway with the UPS, the administrator can receive a notification in the form of an SMS when the UPS is turned off/on or when its status changes.

SMSEagle is an example of a hardware SMS gateway that offers fast integration with uninterruptible power supply devices (UPS). The integration with SMSEagle can be easily made via:

APC UPS users can also use the thoroughly described SMS integration manual for APC UPS.

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The functions of SMSEagle allows businesses to incorporate SMS communications into their systems in a way that makes sense to them. To find out how, get in touch with our team.

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Improve Healthcare Communications with SMS Solutions for Hospitals & Clinics

From hospitals to clinics, healthcare institutions are on the front lines of protecting citizens and communities across the globe. The need for accessible healthcare continues to be prioritised, with governments going a long way to ensure patients have seamless access to the doctors, facilities and care they require. A tougher challenge, however, resides in the microeconomics of these institutions and facilities, where ineffective communications continues to plague both patients and health workers alike. As we speak, thousands of appointments are being made over physical helpdesks and calls – appointment management alone remains a manual process requiring tedious direct telephone work.

Unlike dedicated apps or telephone calls, SMS provides healthcare institutions with a seamless medium to communicate with patients. By utilizing SMS communications solutions integrated with existing patient management systems and databases, healthcare institutions can automate patient engagement and reachout activities. Not only is SMS accessible across all types of handsets, it also requires absolutely no patient training and produces greater response rates than external apps or patient helplines.

Problem of missed appointments

The statistics for missed appointments are not positive. For example, in Poland there were 19,500 “empty” visits to specialists in year 2022 just in in the West Pomeranian province (an area with a population of 1.7 million people). These “empty” appointments occur in cardiology, endocrinology, orthopedics, ophthalmology specialists and even in family doctors. Missed appointments simply means longer queue to specialists and family doctors. It can also have a significant impact on operating profits by under-utilising doctors and medical facilities. These missed appointments affect also the capacity of healthcare institutions to develop and deliver new patient services to their existing customer base.

SMS is the simplest solution to use

With SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway, hospitals and clinics can send SMS messages to patients reminding them of their upcoming appointments. Patients can then reply to the SMS message to cancel their appointment if necessary. This saves time and resources for both the patient and the hospital or clinic. SMSEagle device provides a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that allows hospitals and clinics to easily integrate it into their existing workflows. The GUI simplifies the process of creating and sending messages, making it quick and easy for staff to use. The SMSEagle GUI also allows hospitals and clinics to manage their messages in real-time. They can monitor message delivery and track responses, ensuring that patients receive the information they need when they need it.

Easy integration into existing appointment systems (optional)

By integrating the SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway via API or Emai to SMS with appointment scheduling applications, patients can effectively manage their appointments by sending SMS requests to cancel existing appointments or even change the appointment date. These requests are then automatically updated in appointment systems without the need for human intervention. Likewise, healthcare institutions can easily contact and remind patients of upcoming appointments, minimizing the number of missed appointments. Together, this allows for a faster allocation of appointment slots and better utilization of healthcare resources.

Keeping patients in the loop

SMS is not just for proactive patient management – hospitals and clinics can leverage it to keep patients and former patients updated on new services and facilities, ensuring that they are kept in the loop of the latest healthcare advancements while expanding their own reach and influence. Likewise, by connecting patient databases with the SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway, institutions can easily spread the word when there is a vaccine rollout or new doctor in town. They can then follow up with this by pushing proactively for appointments.

Healthy patient communications

Using SMS messaging to communicate with patients takes the cost and complexities out of appointment scheduling, patient management and reachout campaigns. SMSEagle’s latest partnership with Nexus Polska, for example, greatly automates the transmitting of healthcare information between doctors, patients and other healthcare workers. With seamless integration and nearly no additional staff training required, SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway is the perfect low-cost, high-impact solution for your patient communication needs.

Create the right solution for your operation

Your obstacles are unique, and the solutions for them should be too. The functions of SMSEagle allow critical operations units to incorporate SMS communications into their systems in a way that makes sense to them. To find out how SMSEagle will allow you to create the solution you need, get in touch with our team.

SMSEagle Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary!

We are excited to announce that SMSEagle brand will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary between February 13th and 23rd 2023! ??? It has been an incredible journey and we are very proud of what we have achieved. We couldn’t have made it this far without the support and loyalty of our customers, and we want to thank you for being a part of our journey.

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