SMSEagle at Open Source Data Center Conference 2019

We are happy to announce that SMSEagle is a proud sponsor of Open Source Data Center Conference (OSDC) 2019! The OSDC takes place May 14 – 15, 2019 in Berlin.

The Open Source Data Center Conference 2019 focuses on innovative strategies, forward-thinking developments and new perspectives in dealing with complex data centers. This year’s agenda includes some of the most important representatives of the international Open Source scene.

The program includes inspiring speakers and interesting topics such as:

Nikhil Kathole | Red Hat | Simplifying your IT Workflow with Katello and Foreman
Kosisochukwu Anyanwu | Kinvolk | Virtualisation in Docker, using KVM as Hypervisor
Dan Barker | RSA Security | 5 Steps to a DevOps Transformation
Thierry De Pauw | ThinkingLabs | Feature Branching considered evil
Matt Jarvis | Mesosphere | Introducing Maestro – Kubernetes Operators the easy way

The whole program is available at

The aim of the event is to present state-of-the-art solutions and pioneering concepts for developers, decision-makers, administrators and IT managers who work with complex IT infrastructures. OSDC attracts more than 150 open source enthusiasts to Berlin every year. Speakers and participants take the opportunity to inform themselves about the latest developments and jointly launch new IT projects. An evening event offers the ideal setting for informal exchange.

More at

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Darzymy wielkim szacunkiem ludzi, którzy codziennie poświęcają swój czas i energię na to, aby świat w którym żyjemy stawał się lepszym miejscem. Czy to pomagając ludziom doświadczonym przez choroby, głód i biedę, czy też kształcąc nowe pokolenia, które zmienią świat, a może ratując zagrożone gatunki zwierząt.

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SMSEagle Launches 4G SMS Gateway Compatible with All Major 4G Networks Worldwide

POZNAŃ, Poland, January 29th, 2019

SMSEagle, a leading provider of hardware SMS gateways, today announced a new suite of hardware, the NXS-9700-4G and the NXS 9750-4G which provide compatibility with almost any 4G/3G network in the world.

The new 4G series of SMSEagle NXS-97xx devices meets the requirements of a transition from 3G to 4G that happens in advanced telecom markets. It answers upcoming 3G network shutdowns in Australia and the U.S. in the following years, and what is more, can also provide access to LTE-only operators like Verizon and Sprint in the U.S.

NXS-97xx-4G is EU-originated product, for automatic sending & receiving of SMS messages. SMS messages are sent directly to the 4G network. This shortens the critical path in comparison to online SMS services, allows connectivity even during an Internet failure and provides confidentiality and privacy of information. Depending on the version, it can be equipped with one or two internal 4G modems with 3G-fallback.

NXS-97xx-4G comes standard with several features that support a flexible, reliable  environment for IT professionals:

  • intuitive GUI for easy configuration
  • over 30 plugins for Network Monitoring Systems (it is a must-have tool for any datacenter administrator)
  • API allows software developers to seamlessly integrate SMS capability into their external systems
  • unique Email To SMS feature, allowing to convert email messages into SMS texts
  • advanced self-monitoring mechanisms that control work of internal 4G modems
  • and many other functions making it one of the most advanced hardware SMS gateway product

Our new products are equipped with all the strength and performance efficiency to support everyday operations,” SMSEagle Product Manager Radosław Janowski said. “Their extensive network compatibility and modem flexibility establishes the NXS-9700/NXS-9750 as the go-to hardware SMS gateway solution for IT professionals, worldwide.”

About SMSEagle

SMSEagle is a leading brand of SMS gateway hardware worldwide. The product allows you to send SMS alerts coming from network monitoring systems, SMS tokens from authentication systems, convert email to SMS messages, send and receive SMS texts using API. The gateway is designed for professionals who rely on reliability and easy integration with existing IT systems

For more information, visit

SMSEagle Releases Revision 3 of NXS-97XX Line Devices.

Poznań, Poland, 19.11.2018 – SMSEagle announces Revision 3 of hardware SMS gateway NXS-97xx line devices.

The Revision 3 has minor modifications in hardware that meets demands of highest standards in networking devices. It is unmatched in quality and we believe it will cope with all the challenges faced by demanding customers.

Introduced hardware changes: The NXS-97XX line Rev. 3 products are equipped with a faster Gigabit LAN, 1 additional USB port, 4 additional DI/DO ports and 1 Wire functionality. The device is powered with newer Linux kernel 4.14.

“We strive to provide our customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement.” says SMSEagle Product Manager Radosław Janowski.

NXS-97XX Rev.3 line devices are fully compatible and interoperable with existing NXS-97XX line. The Rev.3 line devices will gradually replace current NXS-97XX Rev.2 line.

More information may be found at the SMSEagle NXS-97XX product page

SMSEagle hardware SMS gateway is a Polish product for automatic sending & receiving of SMS messages. SMSEagle allows you to send SMS alerts coming from network monitoring systems (NMS), SMS tokens for authentication systems, convert email to SMS messages. The device is also equipped with rich HTTP API thus allowing easy integration with any external software. The gateway is designed for professionals who rely on reliability and easy integration with existing IT systems. SMS messages are sent directly from the gateway to 3G network. This shortens the critical path (compared to using online SMS services), and allows sending a message even when internet connection is broken. The external antenna improves signal strength in areas with limited 3G coverage (ex. server rooms, datacenters). Internal SNMP agent allows you to monitor the device’s performance using SNMP metrics.

SMSEagle is exhibiting at ITPartners 2018

IT Partners is a French trade fair organized annually at the Disneyland Paris in Paris, France. This is a leading event for the French IT channel, telecoms and audiovisual, and includes representatives from global IT markets. It covers a number of areas including infrastructure, software and services, mobile communications and networks and the Internet of Things.

This year on 14th & 15th of March SMSEagle was presented at the fair in the booth of our French Sales Partner NMS Distribution.

Photo of NMS Distribution team with Solarwinds, Flowmon and SMSEagle.

NXS-9750 device won IT Product 2018 competition in ComputerWorld Czech Republic

We are happy to announce that SMSEagle NXS-9750 device was awarded the prestigious IT Product award in 2018 of the twelfth edition of the IT Product of the Year contest of ComputerWorld magazine in Czech Republic!

ComputerWorld is a publication website and digital magazine for information technology (IT) and business technology professionals. It is published in many countries around the world under the same or similar names. Each country’s version of ComputerWorld includes original content and is managed independently.

The aim of the competition is to highlight products with characteristics that distinguish them from competing products of the same category. The evaluation emphasizes the positive difference from the competition and the benefits for the customer. This way, both the innovative products and the products with interesting functional improvements, significantly simplified control or, for example, with an exceptionally favorable price can be awarded to the final of the competition.

More information:

IT Product of the Year 2018 contest of ComputerWorld

Product prize description


SMSEagle devices can be purchased in the Czech Rep. and Slovakia through our sales partner IT AWACS.

Spectre & Meltdown – SMSEagles are not vulnerable

We would like to inform that SMSEagle devices are NOT affected by Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities.

Below is the list of CPUs used in SMSEagle devices:

  • SMSEagle NXS-97xx Rev.2 family uses ARM Cortex-A53
  • SMSEagle NXS-97xx Rev.1 family uses ARM1176JZF-S
  • SMSEagle NPE-9300 family uses ARM920T

The above CPUs are NOT vulnerable to Spectre and Meltdown.

More information can be found here:


We Care About Giving Back – Why We’re Donating to the Good Factory Foundation

There is a lot of pain in the world today, and at SMSEagle, we believe in giving back in order to help those that may be in less fortunate circumstances.

We’ve recently started monthly donations to The Good Factory Foundation, an organization based in Poland that pioneers social good programs in African countries: Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Togo, Burkina Faso and Benin.

“Being involved with this type of organization allows me to really live my values and share what I’ve gained throughout the course of my life. The Good Factory Foundation produces goodness in those parts of the world, where evil takes the hope, joy, health and life away from people” Radoslaw Janowski, Product Manager for SMSEagle said.

The Good Factory was founded by Szymon Holownia, a polish journalist who started this second foundation after the Kasisi foundation – he started these organizations because he believes in the unique goodness of people:

“I dared to start the Good Factory, because after I founded the Kasisi Foundation, I started to really believe in people. […] How about, instead of lamenting on how bad this world is, we could change another little bit of it for better?” Szymon Holownia, Founder of The Good Factory said.

They are indeed changing the world for the better – the foundation has already accomplished many feats of social good, many which include the fight against disease and hunger in their countries of focus.

Here’s what they’ve already accomplished, and what we want to be a part of.

The Good Factory Foundation has several objectives, but they all point to a few key themes – the support of human rights, medical assistance, and the proliferation of education, all of which are goals we believe in here at SMSEagle.

The organization has already done countless acts of good in regions of focus. Here are some statistics for 2016:

In 2016 at the Hospital in Democratic Republic of the Congo, the staff provided ambulatory help to 8127 patients, 4354 people were hospitalized. There were 308 surgeries and 151 surgeries, 6476 people were cured of malaria, 722 children were helped to come to the world, including 179 by caesarean section. At the feeding center in Democratic Republic of the Congo 402 children were cured from the acute phase of hunger, 899 from the moderate phase. Every week the place has about 220 children. At Hospice in Rwanda, 25 patients underwent long-term palliative care. 3500 people benefited from the help of a pharmacy in Saoude, north of Togo, where they received the necessary medicines. In Togo, 167 children were paid for school expenses. In the village of Akata Dzokpe in Togo, 30 leprosy patients were provided with medical care, medicines.

As a business that is committed to social good, we look forward to being a part of more acts of kindness like this, and look forward to the positive change they can help bring to parts of the world that need it most.

SMSEagle at IT AWACS Cup 2017

On 14-09-17 SMSEagle has made an appearance in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Czech Republic.

Thanks to IT AWACS, our sales partner, SMSEagle has been a part of an annual the IT AWACS Cup.
The events purpose is to introduce customers to the companies they trust, and of course to race go-karts!
In attendance were representatives of over 25 companies.

IT AWACS has done a superb job promoting SMSEagle products in the Czech Republic, we invite you to visit their website and become a part of great community they have created.

SMSEagle is exhibiting at Ineltec 2017

Ineltec is a Swiss trade fair that has been supporting the electrical engineering and building automation industry for 50 years. In recent years, building automation has become a key technology when it comes to building, modernizing, comfortably, safely and energetically.

This year on 12.-15.9.2017  at the exhibition in Basel, Switzerland, SMSEagle devices were presented for the first time at the fair in the booth of our Swiss Sales Partner Alltron.

For the presentation during the show Alltron has prepared a special box containing:

  • SMSEagle NXS-9700
  • Two DINrail power supplies. One for 12V to run the SMSEagle, 1 for 5V to have the right voltage for the DI
  • Two optocoupler relays to use the DO 5V to switch 230V outputs
  • A double-Pushbutton to switch on 5V tension on the DI
  • Power Outlets, Swiss Typ J (T13) to attach two lamps. They are connected to the relays so we can switch them by sending an SMS
  • DIN-Rail to mount all the devices

That allowed to present the following features at the exhibiton:

  • Pushing one of the Buttons -> Send an SMS to a cellphone: “Alert, Button 1 pushed”, “Alert, Button 2 pushed”. So we were able to show that an sensor can be connected to the device and that it can send an emergency notification for example if temperature is to high/low in the server room.
  • Sending an SMS with “DO1 ON”, “DO1 OFF”, “DO2 ON”, “DO2 OFF” allowed us to switch two 230V lamps over the relays. Furthermore the SMS is converted to an email and sent to gmail account that was connected to the email client on a laptop. So we have the opportunity to see who (which number) switch the lamps without connecting to the SMSEagle
  • Email to SMS is configured to send an email to a cell phone
  • Email to SMS poller is also configured with account. Checked all 5sec for new e-mails
  • SMS to Email is configured. All Incoming SMS were forwared to gmail account
  • Network monitoring is configured with sample NETIO device. When the network connection failed for 30 sec, an emergency SMS was sent.

This is just a few of possible usage scenarios that SMSEagle devices could support. It allowed to present the device versatility and ability to work well in different application fields.