Order Management Systems: Adding SMS to the Cart

This holiday season, shopper footfall has reached an all-time high – whether it’s Cyber Monday or Panic Saturday, stores have been inundated with year-end orders and last-minute holiday purchases.

As such, order management systems that support this kind of retail activity have never been more crucial, especially with e-commerce overtaking in-person sales. Merchants need to be able to communicate with customers across multiple touchpoints, and at every phase of the order lifecycle. From placing an order and issuing invoices, to fulfilling delivery and sending billing reminders, keeping customers in the loop not only reduces the risk of dispute, missed deliveries and non-payment, but also improves ease of fulfilment and customer satisfaction.

Efficient customer notifications via SMS

The incumbent in this regard is clear – as we speak, thousands of SMS messages are being sent to customers to notify them of new orders and deliveries. Not only is it the channel of choice, it also best fits the concise nature of transactional messages and boasts extremely high read rates. Furthermore, rapidly evolving e-commerce systems mean that online customer identification is increasingly tied to unique phone numbers, which SMS serves as a natural extension to.

How to lower the costs of SMS in e-commerce?

Using a comprehensive SMS-based communications solution such as SMSEagle Hardware SMS Gateway, retailers can reap great cost savings by investing in a single hardware rather than subscribing to a PAYG model, while leveraging lower rates provided by local SIM cards. It also offers multiple useful features including phonebooks, message templates and Email to SMS, where retailers who choose to ping customers via email can now extend this effortlessly to SMS messages.

From-store-to-door messaging

Every purchase begins with placing an order. Whether customers order in-store or online, they want to be assured that their order has been received and processed. By connecting e-commerce systems such as Amazon Seller Central to the SMSEagle SMS Gateway via third-party automation tools such as Zapier, retailers can notify customers every time a new sales order is placed, with SMS messages automatically sent to the customer’s phone number. This can include a wide range of order information such as the expiry date for a subscription, or expected delivery times and tracking updates.

Achieve the highest open-ratio

According to ezyCollect, it takes up to five reminders to achieve a 96% rate on bill settlement, clearly indicating the importance of SMS communications in ensuring high payment rates. Retailers can use SMS to not just deliver invoices and statements, but to also send payment reminders. They can leverage SMSEagle’s ready-to-use APIs for integration into any accounting software, where such reminders can be programmed based on the billing cycle. For invoicing, they can integrate for example with Zoho Inventory (via Zapier) to trigger an SMS whenever a new invoice is created. This can be used for content subscriptions, postpaid plans, utility services and even credit repayments.

Thank you for shopping with us!

With m-commerce continuing to flourish, user identification increasingly relying on mobile identities, and the need to engage customers more pronounced than ever, SMS has never been a better channel for order communications and billing reminders. SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway makes this simple and cost-effective with its range of ready-to-use APIs, local charges and bulk messaging capabilities, empowering retailers regardless of their existing systems, offerings and size.

Create the right solution for your business!

Your obstacles are unique, and the solutions for them should be too. The functions of SMSEagle allows businesses to incorporate SMS communications into their systems in a way that makes sense to them. To find out how, get in touch with our team.

SMSEagle Announces Hardware SMS Gateway Compatibility With All Major 3G Networks Worldwide

Poznan, Poland (July 05, 2016) – SMSEagle, a leading provider of SMS gateway technology, today announced a new suite of hardware, the NXS-9750-3G and the NXS 9700-3G, compatible with almost any 3G network in the world.

SMS messages are sent directly from the gateway to the 3G network. This shortens the critical path in comparison to online SMS services, and allows connectivity even in an internet failure.

The NXS-9750 is equipped with several new features, including those of the NXS-9700, that provide network flexibility, reliability and security for network administrators and software developers:

  • Two 3G Modems – each with full bandwidth coverage, providing information technology (IT) professionals with worldwide compatibility.
  • The latest Linux kernel – for powerful security and reliability.
  • Failover functions – used in conjunction with two SIM cards. Failover operational mode assumes functions of a system modem by secondary modem.

The NXS-9700 comes standard with several features that support a flexible, reliable and environment for IT professionals:

  • 3G Modem – with full bandwidth coverage, providing compatibility with almost any 3G network
  • High-availability cluster feature – available with two or more devices, integrating with over twenty NMS & Authorization systems such as Nagios, Zabbix, PRTG, Solarwinds, RSA and more, making integration with numerous IT environments easy.
  • HTTP API – allows software developers to seamlessly integrate SMS capability into their external systems.
  • Email to SMS – allows conversion of email messages into SMS texts.

The devices are easily configured with intuitive GUI and minimal user interaction and ready-to-use plugins for network monitoring systems. The gateway can be integrated with over 18 different NMS systems.

Our new products are equipped with the strength and performance efficiency to support everyday operations,” SMSEagle Product Manager Radosław Janowski said. “Their extensive network compatibility and modem flexibility establishes the NXS-9750 as the go-to hardware SMS gateway solution for IT professionals, worldwide.”

About SMSEagle

SMSEagle is a leading provider of SMS gateway hardware worldwide. The device is a EU-originated product for automatic sending & receiving of SMS messages, allowing you to send SMS alerts coming from network monitoring systems, SMS tokens from authentication systems, convert email to SMS messages, send and receive SMS texts using HTTP API.

For more information, visit https://www.smseagle.eu/

Nowe urządzenie SMSEagle NXS-9750 3G

Poznań, Polska, Marzec 8 2016 – SMSEagle prezentuje nową wersję sprzętowej bramki SMS NXS-9750-3G. Nowy produkt oferuje lepszą wydajność i dwa razy większą przepustowość w codziennych zastosowaniach niż jego poprzednik. Nowe urządzenie jest odpowiedzią na potrzeby i oczekiwania naszych klientów.

SMSEagle NXS-9750 jest wyposażony w nie jeden, lecz dwa modemy 3G, każdy z pełnym pokryciem pasma, dzięki czemu jest kompatybilny z niemal każdą siecią 3G na świecie. Urządzenie korzysta z najnowszego jądra Linux, gwarantując bezpieczeństwo i niezawodność na najwyższym poziomie. Nowy NXS-9750 posiada również nowe funkcje przełączania awaryjnego dla modemów 3G (w przypadku korzystania z dwóch kart SIM). Tryb pracy Failover umożliwia przejęcie funkcji modemu głównego przez modem wtórny gdy modem podstawowy staje się niedostępny w przypadku awarii lub zaplanowanych konserwacji. Nowy SMSEagle NXS-9750 oferuje również możliwość pracy w klastrze (w przypadku posiadania dwóch lub więcej urządzeń).

„Chcemy aby nasze sprzętowe bramki SMS były wiodącym rozwiązaniem używanym przez specjalistów IT na całym świecie.” Mówi Product Manager SMSEagle Radosław Janowski.

Więcej informacji można znaleźć na stronie produktu SMSEagle NXS-9750

Sprzętowa bramka SMS SMSEagle to polski produkt do automatycznego wysyłania i odbioru wiadomości SMS. SMSEagle umożliwia wysyłanie powiadomień SMS pochodzących z systemów monitorowania sieci (NMS), tokeny SMS dla systemów uwierzytelniania, konwersję email do wiadomości SMS. Urządzenie jest również wyposażone w rozbudowane HTTP API co pozwala na łatwą integrację z dowolnym oprogramowaniem zewnętrznym. Bramka jest przeznaczona dla profesjonalistów, którzy stawiają na niezawodność i łatwą integrację z istniejącymi systemami IT. Wiadomości SMS wysyłane są bezpośrednio do sieci 3G. To skraca ścieżkę krytyczną (w porównaniu do korzystania z usług SMS on-line), a także umożliwia wysyłanie wiadomości, nawet gdy połączenie internetowe jest uszkodzone. Antena zewnętrzna poprawia siłę sygnału w obszarach o ograniczonym zasięgu sieci 3G (np. serwerownie, centra danych). Wewnętrzny agent SNMP pozwala na monitorowanie wydajności urządzenia przy użyciu wskaźników SNMP.