SMSEagle NXS-9700-4G & NXS-9750-4G Receive PTCRB Approval and AT&T Certification

Poznań, Poland, October 24th, 2022 – Proximus Sp. z o.o., the leading manufacturer of hardware SMS gateways under the SMSEagle brand, announced that NXS-9700-4G and NXS-9750-4G devices have received the PTCRB Certificate of Compliance which recognizes the devices as meeting the requirements of the PTCRB Certification Program and are ready for deployment on AT&T’s 4G network in the United States.

„PTCRB defines the test requirements to verify compliance with global industry standards for wireless cellular devices. Member operators are committed to ensuring device quality through a rigorous certification process. The PTCRB certification program provides confidence that devices conform with global standards and perform optimally on mobile wireless networks.” (source: PTCRB website)

About SMSEagle

SMSEagle is a professional hardware SMS/MMS gateway for sending and receiving SMS/MMS messages. The device is designed with focus on reliability and stability. Messages are sent/received directly to/from cellular network without using any external 3rd party solutions. The device has a range of built-in plugins that enable additional functionalities and easy to use API for integration with external applications.

SMSEagle at stackconf conference 2022

We are happy to announce that SMSEagle is a proud sponsor of stackconf 2022! The event takes place July – 19-20 in Berlin.

About stackconf 2022

This year’s stackconf takes place in the beautiful Meliá Berlin. stackconf is about open source infrastructure in the spectrum of CI/CD, container, hybrid and cloud solutions. Today businesses have to meet the challenging requirements of an accelerated digital age, with virtual infrastructures and multi-channel platforms as the new normal. Bridging the gap between development, testing and operations is one of the fundamental paradigms in modern IT. stackconf covers these concepts from multiple perspectives.

Who you will meet?

stackconf is known for its divers and international audience including renowned IT infrastructure specialists, CTOs, CIOs, SREs, industry leaders, experienced system administrators as well as IT architects, systems, cloud and devops engineers.

In short: a wild bunch of open source addicts sharing their ideas about modern IT infrastructures.

See a full list of speaker line-up here!

What Makes stackconf Special

As one of the leading open source infrastructure events in Europe, stackconf differs from other IT conferences in many ways. Our speaker talks are known for providing real added value instead of just being given as vendor pitches. The infrastructure experts are ready to share all their expertise and want you to get inspired by their lectures. Best case scenario: you go home with at least three new ideas to optimize your own infrastructure.

Networking, socializing and getting in contact with more than 150 like-minded international attendees is another core value of stackconf. We take care of that social aspect at our conference. That’s why we provide a lot of space and opportunities for discussion and exchange. Learn from other IT engineers and architects. Get feedback on your own approaches and plans for the future.

NXS-97xx hardware Rev.1 Support End of Life (EOL)

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to inform you that effective January 1st, 2025 we will permanently discontinue support of NXS-9700 hardware Rev.1 and NXS-9750 hardware Rev.1 devices. After the date, those hardware models will be officially no longer supported via our Support Center and software updates will be no longer released. The support for the product is being discontinued due to shifts in technology and a shortage of electronic components. The NXS-97xx Rev.1 was already replaced by its successors NXS-97xx hardware Rev.2 – Rev.4. Newer technology provides more productivity and greater efficiency in the same applications as the older product. Newer products are fully compatible with older ones in terms of software applications. We encourage you to learn more about NXS-97xx line of devices here:

Affected products: NXS-9700-3G Rev.1, NXS-9750-3G Rev.1
S/N (MAC address):
starts with 78:A7:14:54…
Continued support until date:  31.12.2024
Recommended replacement product:  NXS-9700-4G Rev.4, NXS-9750-4G Rev.4
Replacement available:  Now

We sincerely appreciate your support and regret any inconvenience this necessary action causes you.

Management Team

Informacja o zmianie formy prawnej przedsiębiorstwa

Szanowni Państwo,

Niniejszym informujemy, że z dniem 1 marca 2022 r. nastąpiło przekształcenie działalności gospodarczej pod nazwą PROXIMUS Radosław Janowski w Proximus Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością.

Informujemy, że wskutek przekształcenia zmianie ulega forma prawna prowadzonej działalności gospodarczej oraz numer NIP i REGON. Bez zmian pozostają: siedziba i adres, numery rachunków bankowych, numery telefonów oraz adres poczty elektronicznej. Spółce został nadany nowy numer wpisu w rejestrze przedsiębiorców Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego (nr KRS: 0000956902).

Zmiana formy prawnej, a w konsekwencji nazwy firmy nie ma wpływu na kontynuację prowadzonej działalności oraz na ważność zawartych wcześniej umów. Wskutek przekształcenia firmie Proximus Sp. z o.o.  przysługują zgodnie z art.553 Kodeksu spółek handlowych wszelkie prawa i obowiązki przedsiębiorcy przekształcanego PROXIMUS Radosław Janowski. W przypadku przekształcenia wszystkie umowy zachowują ważność i ciągłość.

W związku z powyższym, prosimy o odnotowanie opisanej wyżej zmiany w Państwa rejestrach i ewidencjach.

Aktualne dane Spółki są następujące:
Proximus Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

w obrocie handlowym używany będzie skrót:

Proximus Sp. z o.o.
ul. Piątkowska 163
60-650 Poznań
NIP 7812032643
KRS  0000956902

SMSEagle Supports Young Driving Talent

We are proud to continue sponsoring young driving talent along with our sales partner IT Awacs from the Czech Republic.
Drivers Vojtech and Jan have been competing on the go kart racing circuit for some time now, their passion for racing is something to admire. The young drivers have been developing their skills and looking ahead toward the future, looking for their next challenge.

They have found it in FIA Formula 4, also called FIA F4, is an open-wheel racing car category intended for junior drivers. There is no global championship, but rather individual nations or regions can host their own championships in compliance with a universal set of rules and specifications.

We wish the best for Vojtech and Jan in their racing endeavors and are delighted to play a small part in their development and success.

SMSEagle in DELL Lego Factory project

DELL Lego Factory project is a project developed by DELL Czech Republic together with ITAwacs (SMSEagle Sales Partner in Czech Republic). It is built from LEGO Technics with real technology for factory simulation of Industry 4.0. SMSEagle is used for SMS alerting purposes when factory failures are detected.

The project is being used in DELL showcases in Czech Republic. It was already seen in DELL Technology Forum, International Engineering Fair.


Are you on a mission? We’d like to help!

There are heroes who make Real Work happen while battling to eradicate hunger and poverty, helping children finish school, rescuing animals, preserving jungles. Maybe they are educating and preparing new generations for achievements that will change the world? Or caring for patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities?

A proven means of communication could make a big impact on what you’re trying to achieve and we’d like to help!

Nonprofit Discount
SMSEagle offers now offers a 10% discount to nonprofits and charities that we verify.

Who can apply?
In general, organizations are eligible to receive a nonprofit discount if they are a nongovernmental organization recognized as a nonprofit or charitable entity. Public and nonprofit-private educational institutions are also eligible to receive the nonprofit discount.

How to apply?
Send us an email with a link to a page on your website describing your nongovernmental, nonprofit status. If it’s not extremely obvious on your website that you’re a nonprofit, we may require you to email us additional proof of your nonprofit status. We accept any official documentation that supports your nonprofit status. For example, US customers can submit a 501(c)(3) document, while UK customers can submit their registered charity number.

*Orders have to be placed directly at our online store and do not combine with other discounts.*

New 8 modem MHD-8100 line devices

The MHD-8100 product line comes from the many inquiries that we receive from our clients about their need for a higher throughput device. The device runs on the same software as the NXS line devices making it very reliable. As opposed to the NXS line devices, it has 8 modems which allow to send up to 240 SMS/min.
The device is also equipped with a LCD display for easy signal monitoring, list of IP addresses of network interfaces and more.

  • Incoming transmission rate: up to 240 SMS/min
  • Outgoing transmission rate: up to 240 SMS/min
  • Processor type: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3350
  • RAM type: 2GB LPDDR4
  • Internal storage: 32GB eMMC storage
  • Network interface: 2x Ethernet 10/100/1000 TX (2xRJ45)
  • Other interfaces: LCD Display, 1x HDMI+DP, 2x USB 3.0

You can check the full device specifications as well as purchase these products at the pages below.

The MHD line devices have already proven to be unmatched in quality, performance and dependability. If you’re looking for a high throughput hardware with continually updated software, SMSEagle has you covered.

SMSEagle is a Certified Nature Friendly Company

We at SMSEagle are happy to do our part in reducing environmental risks posed by waste electrical and electronic equipment and the ways of minimizing these hazards. More importantly, we find it paramount to set a good example so that others will do the same.

„We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, we only borrowed it from our offspring. Let us care about it, together.”– Antoine Marie Roger de Saint-Exupéry.

In the Report – World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) of 1987 it is written-…
“…balanced development is the development, where the needs of the present generation may be met without depraving future generations of the same choice.”

From that time on the balanced development has become the target in all areas of human activity. The idea of “corporate social responsibility” should be understood as such activities undertaken by entrepreneurs, which lead to a balanced development in particular sectors and branches of economy.

Although the “balanced development” has a much broader range of reference than economic activity, the sign “Nature Friendly Company” is the evidence that entrepreneurs and companies, which launch electric and electronic equipment into the Polish market, believe in values, which are a part of the vision of the balanced development.


SMSEagle NXS-9700-4G & NXS-9750-4G Receives Verizon Certification

Poznań, Poland, November 13th, 2019 – SMSEagle, the leading manufacturer of hardware SMS gateways, today announced that Verizon has officially certified NXS-9700-4G device.
Customers can now use Verizon networks and SMS plans.

“Verizon Wireless is the second largest U.S. wireless communications service provider, that’s why it’s important that SMSEagle users can take advantage of their offer to get the coverage they need,” says Radosław Janowski, CEO of SMSEagle.

December 16th, 2019 – Verizon has also officially certified NXS-9750-4G device.

About SMSEagle

SMSEagle is a professional hardware SMS gateway for sending and receiving SMS messages. The device is designed with focus on reliability and stability. It has a Linux on-board, modern responsive web-interface, database backend, and built-in GSM/3G/4G modem. SMS messages are sent/received directly to/from cellular network without using any external 3rd party solutions. SMSEagle has a built-in SQL database for secure storage of messages. Built-in SNMP agent allows to constantly monitor performance of the SMSEagle. The device has a range of built-in plugins that enable additional functionalities and easy to use HTTP API for integration with external applications.