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SMSEagle is a hardware & software solution that guarantees a swift delivery of your messages to designated recipients, whether it’s for notifications, alerts, or important updates. Discover SMSEagle to stay seamlessly connected.


What is Hardware
SMS/MMS Gateway

A hardware SMS/MMS gateway is a dedicated device that enables businesses to send and receive SMS/MMS messages directly through cellular carriers. No need for 3rd party online services,  Internet is not required. SMSEagle solutions offer enhanced control, reliability, and efficiency in SMS communication, making it ideal for various applications and industries.

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Works offline

Hardware SMS gateway do not depend on Internet connectivity. This ensures that critical messages are delivered even in offline/isolated  environments. 



SMSEagle devices provide enhanced security by allowing organizations to maintain a full control over their communication, keeping sensitive information and data within their own infrastructure.



Experts report that 95% of SMS texts are read within 5 minutes and responded to within 90 seconds. Recipients don’t need any additional app to read SMS/MMS.

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Cost control

Hardware SMS gateways can be cost-effective as they eliminate the recurring fees associated with online SMS gateway services. This makes  them a cost-efficient solution for businesses with higher messaging volumes.

Hardware SMS Gateway use cases:

Find out how our solution can help you with enhancing communication and engagement with employees and customers.

Send SMS/MMS/voice alerts & notifications

Send automatic alerts and notifications from any system or application. Get started in 10 minutes with ready to use plugins.

Email To SMS

Convert email to SMS format, and send the SMS texts to single recipients or groups.

Integrate using API

Integrate SMS messaging into your system  with developer API. We provide you with  source codes to make it easy and efficient.

Monitor devices based on input state

Trigger sending of SMS messages based on input state, or to activate external devices when SMS messages are received.

Manage your communication via WebGui

Manage your phonebook, configure features and send SMS with user-friendly interface,

Marketing & Info SMS Campaigns

Launch cost-effective SMS campaigns for marketing and informational purposes.

Hardware SMS Gateway vs Online SMS Gateway

Lear about strengths and limitations of both online and hardware SMS gateways to make an informed choice tailored to your specific messaging needs.


SMSEagle Hardware SMS Gateway can be used in various industries. Find out how our solution can help customers and employees in your business. 

Information Technology

Send critical alerts, access tokens, notifications from NMS, Authentication systems, UPS or other IT intrastructure

Building Automation

Send immediate alerts on infrastructure failures from Building Management Systems


Monitor equipment via digital inputs/outputs. Send time-sensitive alerts about equipment changes


Send informations, alerts to employees or across departments with full data confidentiality.


Ensure your patients never miss their medical appointments. Use SMS hardware SMS Gateway to notify patients about medication schedules and critical health alerts during outbreaks or emergencies.


Communicate with drivers of
public and private vehicles while on the road.

Trusted by users
around the world

SMSEagle devices are used in more than 90 countries worldwide and the list is constantly growing. Thanks to full waveband coverage of our radio-modules and conformity with worldwide 2G/3G/4G/5G standards, our devices can work in almost every corner of the world. Our devices have been field-proven in hundreds of cellular networks.

Wherever you are,
SMSEagle is there

SMSEagle is proud to offer worldwide availability, supported by our extensive network of trusted partners. Our global reach ensures that businesses and organizations can rely on SMSEagle’s SMS gateway solutions, no matter where they operate, while benefiting from the expertise and support of our partner network

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Certified globally

Our devices are tested and certified for most of the global markets: CE, FCC, ISED, UKCA, PTCRB, RCM, IMDA, TDRA, CB Scheme, GCF (for RF-module), carrier certification: Verizon, AT&T*

*Approval levels may vary between devices. Check particular device specifications for an up-to-date approval list

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