SMS To Email plugin

SMS To Email plugin allows you to forward your incoming SMS messages to email address.

The plugin can be used in two modes:

  1. Forwarding of incoming SMS to email of last sender (so called Two-way Email2SMS & SMS2Email)
    In this mode, when SMSEagle receives incoming SMS, it checks if earlier anyone was sending SMS to the number from incoming SMS using Email2SMS. If last sender is found, the incoming SMS is forwarded to the email address of that sender. If no last sender is found, then the incoming message is forwarded to a default email address given in plugin settings.
  2. It forwards all the incoming messages to one fixed email address.
    In this mode all incoming SMS messages are forwarded to always the same email address.

 Plugin configuration

  • If you want to use the plugin, set ‘Enable forwarding to email’ to ‘Yes’
  • Choose a type of email forwarding: “To email of last sending user” (so called “Two-way Email2SMS & SMS&Email”) or “To fixed email address”
  • Enter an email subject
  • Enter SMTP configuration for your SMTP server that will be used for sending emails

Email text from plugin

Email body from SMS To Email plugin contains:

  • Phone number from incoming SMS (and phonebook contact name if found)
  • Date, time when SMS is received
  • SMS message