Shift Management

SMSEagle’s Shift management feature lets you send SMS messages during your employees’ work hours by assigning contacts to shifts, ensuring messages are sent only when they’re on an active shift.

The Shift management feature allows to implement working shifts in a process of sending SMS messages. If you want to send messages to your employees only during their working hours, this feature can help you.

SMSEagle’s Shift management allows to assign Phonebook contacts to working shifts. If a contact is assigned to a working shift, the device will check before sending a message if the contact is on active shift. If the contact is not on a shift, the message will be skipped or moved to beginning of a next shift. Below is a brief overview how the feature is configured.

Main Shift management window

Shift Configuration

  • Name shift
  • Choose week day and time of shift start/end

Assigning Shift to a contact

When adding or editing a phonebook contact, said contact can be assigned to a working shift by typing shift name in the “Shifts” text field.

SMSEagle’s Shift management feature allows you to decide what to do with a message when your employee is off-shift. The message can be either moved to a next shift or skipped:

Do you want to learn more?

For more detailed description of this feature, please refer to the User's Manual or talk to an SMSEagle Expert. We'll be happy to help!