SMSEagle Modem Failover

A modem failover function is available in SMSEagle devices with 2 or more modems. It is a feature that ensures uninterrupted SMS messaging in case one or more modems fail or a cellular network from one operator becomes unavailable.

If modem failover is enabled, the SMS gateway is designed to automatically switch to a backup modem if the primary modem fails. This ensures that SMS messages can still be sent and received even if one or more modems stop working or a cellular operator has network problems.

The failover function involves the use of multiple modems in an SMS gateway. The SMSEagle device is configured to monitor the status of each modem and detect when a modem fails. When a failure is detected, the device switches to the secondary modem and uses it to continue sending and receiving SMS messages.

In addition to the failover function, hardware SMS gateway includes other features such as load balancing, message routing, and message queuing to ensure reliable and efficient SMS message delivery.

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For more detailed description of this feature, please refer to the User's Manual or talk to an SMSEagle Expert. We'll be happy to help!