Escalation Groups

The escalation feature allows to escalate SMS alerts within a group, from user to user in a predefined order. The alert message will be escalated to group members until one of the users responds in time. The escalation stops when a predefined keyword is received from a group member. Here is an example of how the feature works:

SMS alert text is sent to the escalation group. If a receiver does not respond within a given time, the SMS is sent to a next user.

User receives the alert text and responds with a predefined stop keyword. Escalation queue is stopped.


Escalation group is a special version of a Phonebook group. It has additional properties like “Interval” (defines a time interval between sending of text messages to consecutive group members) and “Stop word” (defines a keyword prefix which must be sent to SMSEagle device to stop an escalation queue). The order of group members can be set in the group editing window.