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[INSTALLATION]_How do I configure Email2SMS plugin to accept FQDN email addresses
Is it possible to change 123456789@ to

Disclaimer: Before you setup your SMSEagle device to accept FQDN email addresses, be aware, that a weak point of such configuration will be your DNS server. Once DNS server becomes unavailable (it breaks or connection to it will break) your Email2SMS messages will not be sent. This is additional risk point in terms of sustainability of your configuration.

If you accept abovementioned disclaimer, here are the steps for settting-up your SMSEagle to accept FQDN addresses:

1. Configure domain
on your DNS server to point to SMSEagle device (A, MX entries).

2. Login to your SMSEagle device with SSH

3. Edit file: /etc/postfix/
a) find line: myhostname = localhost.localdomain
b) comment the line: #myhostname = localhost.localdomain
c) add line: myhostname =

4. Reload Postfix configuration with command
postfix reload

Above steps apply only to NXS-family device. Manual for NPE-family devices can be found here.

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