RCDevs OpenOTP SMS one-time passwords – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup RCDevs OpenOTP with SMSEagle for SMS one-time passwords.

SMSEagle Setup

RCDevs OpenOTP uses HTTP API requests (see details: API).

All you have to do at SMSEagle is to create new user for API access at webGUI.

RCDevs OpenOTP Setup

1. Download script custom1.php from our repository: https://bitbucket.org/proximus/smseagle-rcdevs_openotp/src
Place the plugin in your OpenOTP/smsc directory.

  • it will be used as “Custom 1”, but if you already use it for other configuration, you can rename file to “customX.php” and than edit “smshub_custom1” in line 27 to “smshub_customX” where X is number from 2 to 4.

2. All configuration related to SMS Gateway settings messages is done from the  SMS Gateway configuration.

Configure with:

  • SMS Gateway and choose Custom1
  • SMSC Username is username for SMSEagle API user you just created.
  • SMSC Password is password for above user.
  • SMSC Custom Name fill with SMSEagle
  • SMSC URL or address: https://SMSEagle_IP
    • where SMSEagle_IP is IP address of your gateway

You must also define SMS as OTP token for every user in MFA application: