Aruba ClearPass SMS notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup Aruba ClearPass with SMSEagle gateway for SMS messaging.

SMSEagle Setup

Aruba ClearPass uses HTTP API requests (see details: API).

All you have to do at SMSEagle is to create new user for API access at webGUI.

Aruba ClearPass

All configuration related to SMS Gateway settings messages is done from the Home-> Configuration -> SMS Services -> Gateways page.
SMS Gateway Configuration page will be displayed.

In SMS Gateway field select Custom HTTP Handler:

and in the Service URL field paste our API request:


where SMSEagle_IP is gateway’s IP address. Below in fields use:

  • Service Method select GET
  • Authentication Method select HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Service Username: put your username for SMSEagle user you just created
  • Service Password and Confirm Password: put your password for SMSEagle user you just created

Once the SMS gateway configuration is complete you can click on the Send SMS option under the gateway, enter a valid phone number and verify that the SMS is received.