3CX SMS messaging – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup 3CX with SMSEagle device for SMS/MMS messaging support. The integration process is easy and should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

SMSEagle is an offline hardware SMS gateway. Therefore no external connection to 3rd party system is required. All notifications are generated on-premise and sent directly to a cellular network. This solution can be used in secure installations without Internet access.

SMSEagle Setup

  1. Create a new user in SMSEagle (menu Users > + Add Users, user access level: “User”).
  2. Grant API access to the created user:
    • click Access to API beside the newly created user.
    • Enable APIv2
    • Generate new token (copy it and paste it on API Key field on the trunk where the number resides)
    • Add access permissions in section 3CX Permission for: Forward a message from 3CX system.
    • Save settings.
  3. On menu go to Callback URL and click add new rule:
      • Add a rule name e.g. 3CX System.
      • Under URL field paste the 3CX webhook URL generated from 3CX Setup
      • The URL Method chose: POST (3CX)
      • On the To(3CX) put the number that the messages will be terminated to as per 3CX config
      • And save.

3CX Setup

1. Connect to Management console.

2. Go to SIP Trunks and create a generic sip trunk with the number that you will be using.

3. Under SMS section there are the needed fields like API key(that we will generate from SMSEagle), Provider URL( is the https endpoint of API SMSEagle, NOTE:HTTP is not supported for 3CX) and the 3CX Webhook(this webhook will be added to SMSEagle config for terminating SMS)

Test it and enjoy 😊

Have Questions?

SMSEagle devices are designed for easy setup. If you don't have a device yet, just buy your SMSEagle and get started with your integration. If you need technical assistance or have questions about our products, we’ll be happy to help you.