VASCO IDENTIKEY Appliance and SMS OTP – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup VASCO IDENTIKEY Appliance with SMSEagle for SMS one-time passwords.


SMSEagle Setup

Create a new user in your SMSEagle with access level “User”.



  1. Login to IDENTIKEY Appliance.
  2. In menu choose: Authentication Server > MDC
  3. Configure the following settings:

a. Enable MDC by checking the checkbox “Enabled” at the top of the page

b. In section “SMS Delivery” check the “Enable” checkbox

c. Protocol: HTTPS

d. URL: https://url-of-smseagle/index.php/http_api/send_sms

e. Port: 443

f. Username: username created on your SMSEagle device

g. Password: password for the user created on your SMSEagle device

h. Query String:


i. Form Method: GET

j. Press „Save” button at top right corner

  1. Define the triggers for success and failure:

a. Select the tab “Success Message” and enter “OK;ID=” in the Audit Text