Pfau LISA SMS notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup Pfau LISA with SMSEagle gateway for SMS messaging.

The SMSEagle integration in LISA offers a drop-in replacement for the old serial attached GSM modems. That means you don’t have to change existing alarm workflows if you decide to change from using GSM modems to using SMSEagle. You can even use the SMSEagle in parallel.

SMSEagle Setup:
Create a new user in SMSEagle and create a Token.

Prerequisite for new integrations (can be skipped if replacing existing GSM Modem):

In the LISA configuration program Konfiguration.exe und “System 1”->”Provider Regeln” add a new Provider with Pooltyp “SMS”. Name them after your provider.

SMSEagle Confguration in LISA:

In LISA IO add a new Process from Type SMS-Server.

  • “Serveraddresse” is the IP or Hostname of SMSEagle
  • “AccessToken” the AccessToken of the user LISA uses to access the API.
  • “Provider” select the provider this device uses.
  • “Default Absender” and “Default Empfänger” are optional for protocolling purposes.

Sending SMS:

To send SMS you can add a “Send SMS” command to your workflows.