Motadata SMS alerts & notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup Motadata with SMSEagle for SMS alerts & notifications.

SMSEagle Setup

Motadata uses API to communicate with SMSEagle.
Create a new user in your SMSEagle device for API access via Web-GUI and generate new API token for this user.

Motadata Setup

1. Go to Actions (from the Menu on the left panel). Click New button on the right side to create a new action.

2. Fill the fields:

  • Action name: SMSEagle Alert
  • Action: choose SMS Alert
  • Recipients: Number where you would like to receive SMS texts
  • Message: You can leave the deafult placeholders, or modify it to your needs.
  • SMS Gateway URL: https://url-of-smseagle/index.php/http_api/send_sms?access_token=smseagle-token&to={to}&message={message}
  • SMS Timeout: 5


  • url-of-smseagle with actual IP address of the SMSEagle device
  • smseagle-token with already generated token for newly created user

3. Once the action is created, match it with the alert.