Outlook SMS feature

SMSEagle Outlook SMS feature allows you to send SMS directly from Microsoft Outlook. With this feature you can send text messages to phone numbers, contacts & groups defined in your Outlook Contact book.

How does sending a SMS (text message) from Outlook work?

This useful feature integrates into your Outlook desktop application, allowing you to send the SMS texts to your specified recipients directly from your Outlook. You can reach as many recipients as you’d like. You may:

Send message(s) to phone number or multiple phone numbers

Outlook plugin allows you to conveniently send SMS text message to a specified phone number(s).

Send message(s) to contacts from Outlook Address Book

Outlook plugin allows you to send SMS text messages to contacts from your Outlook Address Book

Send message(s) to groups from Outlook Address Book

Send SMS message(s) to groups of contacts directly from our Outlook address book.

Details about feature installation and configuration can be found at our support portal.

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