Zendesk Support SMS alerts & notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup Zendesk Support with SMSEagle for SMS alerts & notifications.

SMSEagle Setup

Zendesk Support uses API to communicate with SMSEagle. Create a new user in your SMSEagle device for API access via webGUI.

  • Create a new user in SMSEagle (menu Users > + Add Users, user access level: “User”).
  • Grant API access to the created user:
    • click Access to API beside the newly created user
    • Enable APIv1
    • Generate new token (copy it for later use)
    • Add access permissions in section APIv1 Permission for: send_sms, send_tocontact, send_togroup
    • Save settings

Zendesk Support Setup

In order to send outbound SMS via triggers and automations, we will be using the extension URL Target.

  1. Login to Zendesk
  2. Click Settings -> Extensions
  3. Click Targets tab -> click add target
  4. After clicking add target, please click on URL target
  5. You will then have to fill the required values for:
    • Title → Name your target as desired
    • URL → https://SMSEagle_IP/index.php/http_api/send_sms?login=john&pass=doe&to={{ ticket.requester.phone}} if you want to send SMS to the ticket requester.
      You may choose to use other placeholders with the to parameter instead of {{ticket.requester.phone}}.Replace SMSEagle_IP with your gateway’s IP address, and john and doe with SMSEagle username & password created in point above.
    • Method → use GET
    • Attribute Namemessage
    • Basic Authentication → leave blank as your credentials are set in the URL field
  6. To check if all the details are correct, click on Test TargetSubmit. You should get a success response if the details are correct (i.e. SMSEagle URL and credenials). Once you have successfully tested it you can go ahead and create the target.
  1. To configure Zendesk to send your SMS notifications using a trigger, click Triggers under Business Rules: Click Add Trigger and configure the trigger.
  2. Populate the Conditions fields that you want to be true for the Trigger and set up the action to be performed. In this case, the action will be ‘Notifications: Notify target‘ and you will select the previously created Target. You can populate the message field with the text that you want to be sent, using Zendesk placeholders as desired.
  3. Note that if have used the {{ticket.requester.phone}} placeholder in your target, you must ensure that the phone number field is correctly populated in the Zendesk user profile (using the international format, ie. +1, +44).
  4. You can now send an SMS from Zendesk using the SMSEagle HTTP API!
  5. The recipient configured in your target (eg. the ticket requester) will receive an SMS via the SMSEagle.

Have Questions?

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