Schneider StruxureWare SMS alarms – integration manual

Here we describe how to use SMSEagle for Schneider StruxureWare SMS notifications & alarms. The following manual can be used both for Automation Server and Enterprise Server.

Setup is easy and should take 5-10min to complete.

SMSEagle is an offline hardware SMS gateway. Therefore no external connection to 3rd party system is required. All notifications are generated on-premise and sent directly to a cellular network. This solution can be used in secure installations without Internet access.

SMSEagle Setup

This integration will use Email To SMS plugin (see details: Email To SMS plugin). This plugin is included in each version of SMSEagle device.

  • Enable Email2SMS plugin in SMSEagle web-gui


Schneider StruxureWare Setup

  1. Login to StruxuWare Workstation
  2. In “System Tree” create a folder “Notification”
  3. Create new Email notification:

a. In the folder use the context menu to choose “New” > “Notification” > “Email Notification”
b. Open the newly created notification and under “Configuration Settings” and enter “E-mail address” in the following form:

PHONE_NUMBER is a destination phone number
IP_ADDRESS_OF_SMSEAGLE is the IP address of your device

For example: 123456789@

NAME_IN_PHONEBOOK is a username or group name (must be a public group) from SMSEagle’s phonebook
IP_ADDRESS_OF_SMSEAGLE is the IP address of your device.
For example: db-admins@

  1. Setup notification conditions

a. Right click on the newly created Notification, chose “Edit Notification Condition”

b. Pressing the plus “+” sign to add conditions for the alarm. If no condition is set all alarms will be forwarded


SMSEagle as SMTP Server (optional)

For sending e-mail messages you can use SMTP server installed on the SMSEagle device. In this scenario your email from Schneider StruxureWare will be directly sent to SMSEagle (without using any external email servers). The configuration of SMTP server in StruxureWare should be as follows:

  • SMTP host: IP address of your device
  • SMTP port: 25
  • Authentication: SMSEagle SMTP server doesn’t require authentication
  • Encryption: none

SMTP server on the SMSEagle device will accept messages addressed for it only. The other messages will be rejected.

Have Questions?

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