Cryptshare SMS notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup Cryptshare with SMSEagle Hardware SMS Gateway for SMS notifications and passwords from Cryptshare. The setup is easy and should take 5-10 min. to complete.

SMSEagle Setup

Cryptshare uses HTTPS API requests (see details: API).

Go to SMSEagle Web-GUI > menu Users. Create a new user for API access (user access level: “User”).

Cryptshare Setup

There’s a configuration file (CS4OutlookUserConfig.xml) that you need to configure to make use of the SMSEagle, Below you can see an example:

1. Set Gateway URL parameter to:
(where YOUR.SMSEAGLE.URL is actual SMSEagle IP address)

2. Set Request Type: GET

3. In the Parameters section add following parameters:

Parameter name Parameter value
login your API user to login to SMSEagle
pass your API password to login to SMSEagle
to {{phone}}
message {{message}}

Some usefull links from Cryptshare wiki:

SMS Gateway information
SMS Gateway configuration examples