Check Point SMS notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to use SMSEagle for Check Point SMS notifications.

  1. In order to configure SMSEagle with Checkpoint DynamicID, please go to GW configuration -> Mobile Access -> Authentication
  2. Under DynamicID Settings click on „Edit”
  3. In newly opened window „SMS Provider and Email Settings” paste SMSEagle API URL:
    where SMSEagle_IP is SMSEagle’s IP address, and XYZAIP is access_token created for your user in SMSEagle webUI
  4. Important information:
    Remember to use a SSL certificate issued by a recognizable CA. LetsEncrypt is treated as unsafe CA on CheckPoint.
    If you use SMSEagle inside the network and it is not possible to issue a certificate, we suggest to put SMSEagle in an isolated network and use the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS.