Astozi systemONE SMS notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup astozi systemONE with SMSEagle for SMS notifications.

SMSEagle Setup

Astozi systemONE uses HTTP API requests (see details: API).

All you have to do at SMSEagle is to create new user for API access at Web-GUI.

Astozi systemONE Setup

All configuration related to SMS Gateway settings messages is done from the Configuration -> Gateway -> Notification page.

In SMS gateway options click Edit icon.

In a pop up window select:

  • SMS enabled: ON
  • SMS provider: SMSEAGLE
  • Device address: enter SMSEagle IP address
  • Login: SMSEagle user login
  • Password: SMSEagle user password

And confirm with Save changes

From now on, all SMS notifications in systemONE will be sent via SMSEagle gateway.