Digital Inputs/Outputs

The digital inputs/outputs can be used to trigger sending of SMS messages based on input state, or to activate external devices when SMS messages are received.

SMSEagle NXS-line devices are equipped with digital inputs (DI) and digital outputs (DO). The digital inputs can be used to receive signals from outside sensors or devices and automatically trigger sending of SMS message based on input state. On the other hand the digital outputs may be used to activate external devices connected to the outputs when certain SMS messages are received by SMSEagle.

Feature configuration

The “Digital input/output” feature allows you to define rules that control the behavior of digital inputs/outputs on SMSEagle device. User may define several processing rules for both inputs and outputs.

Digital inputs

For each processing  rule for digital input user can define:

  • The rule name
  • Port number
  • State of input signal that will trigger sending of SMS message (field “When input signal”)
  • SMS text (field “Send SMS message”)
  • The recipient’s name from phonebook
  • Alert timeout

Digital Outputs

For each processing  rule for digital output user can define:

  • The rule name
  • Port number
  • On what condition digital output should be set (all incoming messages, when incoming SMS comes from specified contact in phonebook and/or when incoming SMS text contains given value)
  • State of output signal that will be triggered by incoming SMS message
  • Output signal duration in seconds (0 = without time limit)
  • Output signal delay before signal is set
  • Define outgoing SMS that will be sent after output signal is triggered

Voice Calls

SMS message that was triggered by a digital input/output rule can be optionally followed by a wake-up call or text-to-speech call. This can be enabled in the rule definition. The feature requires a device with active Voice-Call add-on.

Do you want to learn more?

For more detailed description of this feature, please refer to the User's Manual or talk to an SMSEagle Expert. We'll be happy to help!